The Real Reasons We Dislike These Young and the Restless Couples So Much

Young and the Restless fans have a long list of least favorite couples, but did you know that our real reasons for not liking some of them are just not the same as your own reasons for not liking them? It is not always about what is going on in the world and how things are going right now, and it’s not always just because we like one of them with another of the characters better. Sometimes, we have an actual valid reason for not liking some of the couples around here. On that note, we thought we might discuss a few of our least favorites and the real reasons we just don’t like them together. Are you on board?

Sharon and Victor: Because That’s Her Double Father-in-Law

Let’s be very honest about this. We don’t like the fact that she was with Victor simply because she was already married to his other son once — and then again. She and Nick had a longtime relationship, and that’s a big problem for us. You don’t move on from your husband to his father when he’s already a married man and call it a day. It’s gross, and it’s beyond incestuous, and it’s not a thing we like to see and hear and be around in any capacity. She’s got some issues in her life that allow her to move through the long list of men in this family with ease.

Sharon and Dylan: He’s the Half Brother to Half of Her Exes

When she married Dylan, we were all beside ourselves. Let’s face it. She’d already been married to Nick, who is his half-brother. Then she had an affair with Victor, who is the father of his brothers. She then had yet another affair with Adam because that’s the other brother in this trifecta, and we are just beside ourselves that she has been with every last one of those men. She’s got to find things around the dinner table more than a little bit awkward during the holidays, right?

Sharon and Adam: Because Reference All of the Above

If ever we didn’t need a super valid reason to dislike a couple, it would probably be this one. She was married to two of his brothers, she slept with his father, and then she turned around she had a longstanding affair with him? There is something about these Newman men, apparently. They were bad for one another, but the fact that she’d already been with everyone else in his family was a bit too much for us to handle at this point.

Victor and Sabrina: She Was His Daughter’s Friend

The one thing we can say that this couple had going for them was at least the fact that he was a divorced man when he met and married his daughter’s good friend. This was just too much for us, though. She met Victoria when the two were overseas studying and working abroad. They become fast friends and their friendship was a positive one. It did not last, however, when she brought her friend back to Genoa City with her, and she met her father. When they fell for one another, it was not good for Victoria. She lost her best friend, respect for her own father, and everyone was a total mess. It was just ugly in all cases.

Nick and Sharon: Because they Cheat

We want to love them, we really do. But they didn’t make it work. They were so sweet when they first met in high school, married, started a family and loved one another in a sweet manner. We were big fans back then. The first time they got back together, we were also good, big fans. But that was before they both started cheating on one another every single time that they tried to make things work for them. They were not good news for one another. They were not good news for anyone. They were a mess, and they continuously bring out the very worst in one another. They are good as friends, but that’s all we can handle right now. Can we just mention we don’t get why he’d want to be with someone who was with him first, worked her way through the entire family, and then back?

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