The Real Reason Why Captain Marvel Wasn’t in Age of Ultron

There’s been a lot of questions why certain superheroes haven’t been introduced into the MCU sooner, if at all, and there’s one very big answer that serves as a blanket for all of them: it’s not the right time. Well, for a lot of them it might never be the right time, but for Captain Marvel it certainly wasn’t in Avengers: Age of Ultron as almost happened. Kevine Feige even admitted that it was almost allowed to happen when the movie came out since it was a thought that Carol Danvers should have spot on the team and be able to contribute. But then the thought shifted from this to the idea that many people might not have any idea who she was, especially those that have never read the comics.

One thing about the MCU fans that needs to be realized is that the not everyone that goes to these movies has ever read a comic book. Having been a comic nut in my own time I can recall a lot of the heroes and villains that are being pushed onto the big screen, but the average moviegoer isn’t going to know the history of every character upon stepping into the theater. They won’t likely know that Hawkeye became a character known as Ronin for a while, or that Captain America became Nomad, or that other characters like Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and obviously Quicksilver started their time in Marvel comics as villains. The average person will actually walk into the theater just wanting to see an exciting movie and call it good. But for fans, who are discerning and like to fact check just about everything, the producers and directors know too well that just introducing a character and then not using them for another two or three films is not a good idea.

Captain Marvel has a lot more to her than some of the other characters since she is one of the most powerful characters in the MCU and is perhaps among the most powerful of Avengers. There is a debate going around when it comes to how ‘powerful’ she really is and if this means that she is stronger or can do more damage than say, Hulk or Thor. Those two are the powerhouses of the Avengers, and while in the comics Captain Marvel has actually stated that she can’t beat the Hulk, in the movies it almost seems as though Feige has stated that she’s going to be the most powerful Avenger ever. If this is the case then not bringing her in would have been a good idea since it seems she could have wiped the floor with Ultron and taken care of the city without breaking a sweat. But, considering that in the trailer we’ve seen her having a bit of difficulty with the Skrulls, it stands to reason that in her binary form, where she is truly powerful, that she might be able to live up to that claim.

But bringing her in when the Avengers truly need her makes it feel as though Captain Marvel is an auxiliary member that is more concerned with her work throughout the galaxy than with her membership to a team that is primarily earthbound. Making her the face of the MCU at this point could be seen as political or could be seen as just trying to push a new hero that people can rally behind since everything seems to be shifting as the years go by. There is talk that such characters as Iron Man, Captain America, and even the Hulk and Thor could be trying to make their way out of the spotlight so that new Avengers can possibly come forward. That’s all well and good since new faces and new talents would be awesome to see, but it would also be great to keep it more balanced as the MCU moves on. Whether this will happen soon or in the years to come is unknown yet, but it does seem to be coming since the gossip and rumors have been abounding for a little while now.

But Captain Marvel does seem to be leading the charge when it comes to changing the MCU, and it would seem that she’s become the lightning rod that the franchise will use to spearhead whatever new material is coming out. It might be nice to see Riri Williams as Ironheart, or Jane Foster as Thor. The Avengers are going to need to change eventually since they did come out strong with their initial movie but have been needing something else for a while. One has to recall that in the comics there are many, many more Avengers that are waiting to be tapped or inducted, and since Disney bought up 21st Century Fox, there are now a lot more characters to choose from.

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