The Real Reason Little Women: Dallas was Canceled

The Little Women reality franchise has built a rather large fanbase and like most drama-filled reality shows, people cannot get enough of it. Little Women: Dallas has produced more than its share of drama and life-altering moments – keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Unfortunately, it does not appear that fans of the show will get to enjoy the third season. While there are not many indicators as to why the show was canceled, I will attempt to make sense of it all.

First, let’s talk about some of the reasons why the show should run a third season. There is enough drama and life-changing potential to run at least one more season and keep fans tuned in. All of the normal metrics that point to market interests are high enough to warrant more content but for some reason the powers that be are not willing to invest in the show.

According to critics and experts in the reality show segment of television, it is surprising that the show has come to such an abrupt end. With Caylea Woodbury giving birth to her baby there is so much to explore. Additionally, Emily Fernandez, more affectionately known as Left Cheek, is also expecting a baby soon. While the canceling of the show is baffling for most people, it is certain that the decision was not made based on any type of entertainment factor.

This series never shied away from any form of drama. There are times in which the cast members are not willing to put certain parts of their lives in front of the public, but in this case, the stars were very open to pushing the limits of what should remain personal and what should be put in front of the public. There is definitely a market for it.

It was only a year ago that the show was named Texas’ favorite reality show. It was definitely an eventful two seasons.

There is a lot of speculation that producers and the financial backers of the series did not see longevity in the show and they were not willing to risk investing in the third season. Some people close to those who made the decision to can the show are suggesting that the powers that be had access to information that others are not necessarily privy to. If this is the case, it is likely that they anticipate some hiccups or interruptions that will cause the show to lose money.

Another possibility is that the money people decided to simply drop the programming despite the popularity of the show. While there is definitely a market for it, the market may not be large enough to warrant investing in another season. Additionally, if the market is not large enough to justify alienating the at-large fanbase of the entire network, then it could simply be that the show did not have a place in the future of the network. Could this mean that other Little Women Franchises are subject to being on the chopping block? Not Necessarily.

The Little Women Atlanta franchise is in a different market than the Dallas franchise and it may support taking the risk of running the show in the market.

What is clear here is that there are going to be some disappointment reality show fans. Reality television has become such a large part of the television landscape that it is sometimes difficult to fathom a show being canceled, but these reality shows are subject to the same rules as all other programming, if it negatively impacts the bottom line, it has to go. I am wondering if the show was viewed as offensive to a certain population. I am from Texas and we can be very particular about how we are perceived and we don’t like to be misrepresented. There are some deep pockets in the Dallas market that are capable of providing push back. I am not suggesting that this is the case, but I am simply offering some viable explanations of what could have possibly happened.

One thing is certain here. These reality stars will have to refocus their energy on reinventing themselves and creating their own niche. There is plenty for them to do, but this reality platform has reached the station.

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