The Real Housewives of New York City 5.12 – Aviva’s Pissed and She’s Not Going To Take It Anymore

While Aviva stole the night by putting her foot down against Ramona and Sonja’s bull at the end of the episode, The Real Housewives of New York City began with Ms. Drescher being on the ugly side of my tolerance stick.

Carrying over from last week’s “cliffhanger,” Aviva continued to make herself look like an overprotective, indignant mother to an equally idiotic Heather as they debated on other people’s feelings. From the looks of things, Carole Radziwell probably had a field day looking at her two costars make complete fools of themselves over stuff that shouldn’t even concern them. If she receives an invite to return to the show next year and opts  out instead, I wouldn’t fault her in the slightest.

Returning back to Aviva and Heather, the argument was completely asinine and should have been avoided altogether. Both women were wrong in feeling some type of way about something not even about them over people who they possibly had met not five months earlier. Sure that’s a lot of time to get to know someone, but come on… Then Heather asking Aviva to take up for her? What the hell?! To be honest, I felt the need to go give Heather a patronizing hug before scolding both her and Aviva and sending them to stand in the corner for their bad behavior. That’s just how childish that argument became.

The rest of the episode was low-key in some areas and mainly focused on the build up of the inevitable Aviva vs. Ramona & Sonja argument. Aviva had an event to help raise money for children with missing legs and all the Housewives (including a still fuming Heather) showed up to support their friend. All except Sonja and Ramona, who were both having plastic surgery done on their bellies and asses. The fact that those particular two divas didn’t show up not only offended Aviva, but (probably) made her look like an even bigger ass for defending them not even a few days earlier.

So as we finally got to the main event (the argument), Carole – knowing full well that something was going to go down, but played it off nicely by “dreading” the event – listened to Ramona and Sonja’s excuses for not making it to the charity event. After listening intently, Carole advised her two friends afterwards to not bring up their misadventures at the dermatologist and veterinarian’s office to Aviva. At all. Do Ramona and Sonja take said sage advice? Nope.

After Ramona gave Aviva a check for missing the event, Aviva still made it known that she was miffed about the ladies not showing up, because she wanted them there in person to help support her cause like she does theirs. Ramona then encouraged Aviva to just say that she was pissed so they could move on, but Sonja had to interject that her sick, ailing dog was more important than a charity event. Dun, Dun, DUN!

Now, I love pets and animals (well, most of them) just as much as the next person, but Sonja was kind of out of line for using that dog as an excuse to ditch that event. For one, we haven’t seen anything about a sick dog since the show has been on the air this season, so how are we supposed to know whether she was telling the truth? As for putting a dog first over a child without a leg or legs? I’m not even going to jump into that age-old debate.

Bottom line, this is where Aviva won me over again (at least for now). She channeled her inner Alex McCord and roared at Ramona and Sonja, shutting them up long enough to explain that it wasn’t about a standard charity event, but the kids who the said charity actually benefitted. Some might say both the charity and the kids are one in the same, but in some respects I get where Aviva was coming from. She’s had their back since day one and they can’t even show up for an hour or two for hers? Come on now…

One thing is for sure: the stage has been set for the three-part (told you so) St. Barths trip, which looks like it will ooze with enough drama to satiate the most thirsty of gossip mongrels. Hopefully it won’t be as crazy boring as last year’s Morocco debacle. I’m still mad they even had the audacity to argue over hangers of all things. Hangers. Le sigh…

Small Moments of the Night

– The gym instructor playing LuAnn’s “Money Can’t Buy You Class” single. LuAnn gushed, while I vomited into my waste basket over that blatant display of ass-kissery.

– Mario defending Ramona against Heather. Despite him claiming to not want to fight her battles with the ladies, Mario secretly loves not only to spar with his castmates over Ramona, but the attention said sparring brings.

– Aviva buying the little his first pair of running legs. It’s here where Aviva shined the most last night. Plus, seeing the little boy receive his running legs was the other bright moment of the night besides Carole, Heather, and LuAnn showing up for Aviva’s event. Bravo, Aviva. Bravo.

Are you guys all packed and ready for the special three-part St. Barths edition of The Real Housewives of New York City? Was Aviva right to put Ramona and Sonja in their places last night, or was she wrong for holding grudges for nothing?

Photo Credit: Bravo/Michael Rosenthal


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