The Purge 5 Is Moving Ahead: Here are the Details

The Purge 5

Ryan Scott from MovieWeb can at least give us the name of the lead in the upcoming Purge 5, but apart from that any other details are kind of next to nothing at this point. Ana de la Reguera from Narcos will be heading up this continuing horror scheme as it rolls along, and if you’ve been paying attention then you know at this point that we’ve seen an era in which Roan ended the Purge, and in the last movie we got to see the beginning of the Purge. Whether the fifth installment will follow will follow part 3 or 4 is kind of hard to say since like I already mentioned, there aren’t a lot of details to talk about at this moment. We’re either going to see the First Purge catch up to the first movie or we’re going to see Roan and her supporters take in the NFFA, which might be another level that the movie can go to if that’s the decision. After all there were a lot of people that happened to like the Purge and found it somehow cathartic to simply do what they wanted within the time frame.

Surprising as it is for some folks, I tried to stop watching after the second Purge, this franchise has really taken off, becoming something that a lot of people enjoy watching but thankfully haven’t bothered repeating. One can only imagine that if a nationwide event such as this was enacted that the death toll would be catastrophic given the current divide between supporters of Democrats and Republicans. It’s easy to stand around and say that human decency would stop a lot of people from acting like bloodthirsty animals, but with no limits on behavior and no consequences for a set period of time, a lot of people tend to lose their inhibitions when it comes to getting payback for a slight that they’ve either imagined or really suffered. Even upsetting someone during the Purge isn’t a great idea since causing harm to an individual and even murdering them is no longer illegal. The funny thing is how government officials are given immunity from this up to a point, as it does seem to indicate that their lives are more important than the people they’re subjecting to the Purge. Human nature is a tricky thing obviously, and as you can imagine some people, without any need for inhibitions, would likely go hog wild and start taking out anyone that they believed had wronged them. It does make a person wonder how many would actually act like decent people and how many would seek to just let all sense of morality drop like a sack of bricks.

The fifth installment might be better off if they took things forward and tried to show just how America has fared since the Purge has ended, since the idea of implementing it after all was to halt the rampant level of crime that had afflicted the nation for so long. As Clark Collis of Entertainment Weekly states this could be the one to end the series.  It would take a seriously demented mind to think that such a thing would work, or that the crime rate would go down after it was created and passed as law. Think about it, how many people would really wait until the next Purge to get back at someone that had done them wrong during the last one? Some folks might show restraint, but there are too many impulsive individuals out there that would be looking to gain the kind of payback that wouldn’t allow them to wait. The simple truth is that the Purge in this world as of now, where some people are actually worried about another Civil War, would be more likely to spark an actual conflict that might not be sorted out for some time, even with threats of force added in as the military might need to step in at some point.

One other fact that is known and is stated by Ian Sandwell of DigitalSpy is that The Purge 5 is expected to hit theaters next summer so there isn’t too long to wait, though one can imagine that a lot of people will be anticipating just what’s going to happen and which movie it will be following. With a premise like this however it doesn’t really matter since without a doubt people are going to watch. What’s funny about this series is that when the first Purge movie came out a lot of people didn’t know what to think, but when the moral implications of it started to be felt by the audience it somehow became a favorite that a lot of the audience members were more than willing to follow since it has to do with a subject that drives a lot of movies but not in the way this one did. Murder being legal for a set amount of time has a way of capturing the attention.

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