Five Potential Spinoffs From Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Five Potential Spinoffs From Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Five Potential Spinoffs From Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

It might feel as though things are moving a little too quickly at the moment for some folks but for the MCU the ideas for spinoffs from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is already becoming a very real direction that they’re moving in so it’s possible that they might have a few ideas on hand already. There are no doubt a few ideas that people would like to see since Shang-Chi has been around the Marvel universe for a while and it’s very easy to think that people will want to see more of him since in a big way he’s the martial arts expert that the MCU fans have been waiting for, not to mention that there’s a lot of potential for him to interact with a lot of heroes that will benefit from his inclusion, and enemies that might want to eliminate him altogether. But which ideas will be implemented is anyone’s guess since at the moment it’s not even known how the movie is going to perform. But again, that’s not stopping the MCU from moving forward.

Here are a few spinoff ideas that people might like to see come from the Shang-Chi movie.

5. Razor Fist

This is always assuming that the villain we already know will be showing up in the movie will be around by the time the credits roll. The MCU has made it clear that they’re not above squandering great or even moderate villains that could come back if they were given a chance, so it’s easy to make an assumption that Razor Fist might be done and gone by the time the movie is over. But perhaps a prequel movie would be in order to show how he came to be a villain and what the circumstances were. At the very least, a series might be a good idea to give people a better idea of this character.

4. Heroes for Hire

There have been a few versions of this team and it’s not hard to think that there would be another version if Shang-Chi and a few others were selected to create another group that would take on missions for a price. It’s likely that someone would have an issue with superheroes charging for their services, but at the same time, one has to remember that the different versions of this team have been made up of mercenaries at one point and time. It might not be one of the more popular ideas, but it’s something that can be thrown out there at least since it’s a chance to introduce more heroes to the big screen.

3. Death Dealer

It would be kind of interesting to find out more about one of the characters that helped to train someone like Shang-Chi and discover if this character might have a bigger impact on the MCU at one point. Again, as with any villain in the MCU, this is all dependent on if the character is standing by the end. The idea of letting villains live is kind of irritating at times, but in terms of a movie, it feels as though it’s necessary if only because it gives the story a chance to expand and push onward in a manner that’s not unlike the comics but far more gritty and realistic, in some ways, in real life.

2. Iron Fist

It’s amusing to hear how many people are all for Iron Fist coming back if an Asian character plays him, but the whole whitewashing controversy with this character is a load of garbage since this is how he was created, as a Caucasian character that was taken in by monks who taught him their secrets. It is true that the Netflix version came off as annoying and portrayed him as another spoiled white kid that believed he had a higher purpose but somehow got sucked into the whole idea that he was more important than he was. But Iron Fist kind of needs to stay the same as his comic book counterpart in order to maintain the story.

1. The Mandarin

At one time he was one of the main enemies of Iron Man and these two had some of the best battles, but that time is gone since Robert Downey Jr. left the MCU after Tony Stark’s death. Perhaps Ironheart can coincide with this character and allow Riri Williams to carry the torch as she proves what she can do. But otherwise, the Mandarin should be a villain that gets kept around and allowed to be more of a nuisance for the heroes to fight. Depending on how the movie ends and whether or not he’s still around, it’s bound to happen, hopefully, that he might be counted among the most powerful enemies in the MCU.

It’d be nice to see at least one of these ideas happen.

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