The New Firestarter Trailer Looks Intense

If there was any fault to be had in the original attempt at creating a live-action adaptation of Firestarter, it was that the technology simply wasn’t there yet since back in those days the story was still fun to watch, but the overall effects left a bit to be desired. One big hope is that in the new, upgraded version that’s going to be headed to theaters eventually, the acting will match the effects. From the trailer, it appears as though this might actually happen, but one has to be careful what they believe about a movie from the trailer since as it’s been proven time and time again, the best parts of the movie can be shown in the trailer, and far too often this is what happens. Taking a look at this trailer however it’s not too difficult to think that the acting will be solid and the movie will follow along, or vice versa, since it would appear that the original story is being kept to as much as possible. This was the case with It when it came out as well, at least in part, and the unfortunate end is what became of it. In this case, Charlie’s story does not have a perfect ending, especially since there’s no way to know what this remake will offer. 

The story of Charlie is a sad one since from the moment her parents developed their own abilities, they were considered worth watching. But when Charlie develops her own innate ability to superheat the air around and cause nearly anything she sees to combust, the government wants her so badly that they end up killing her mother and abducting her to study the power she holds to weaponize it. To make a long story short, her father rescues her, they go on the run, and things escalate from there since his powers of persuasion are strong, but they take a huge toll on his body since using the power gives him a nosebleed and taxes him in a big way, making him next to defenseless when he’s done. 

Charlie doesn’t appear to have an upper limit as the first movie showed, though her emotions and her stamina are weak points that could hamper her if she’s not careful. Plus, as it’s shown in the trailer, the temptation to use the power is great enough that she could grow to like it, which would be dangerous for anyone within her given vicinity. This is a young girl that can superheat pretty much anything just by thinking about it, and could, as it’s been said, carry the force of a nuclear weapon upon reaching adulthood. The fact is that the original movie showed Charlie stopping bullets with the power of her mind, as the concussive force that comes with her power has been seen as something that can, just by accident, cause its fair share of destruction. Keep that in mind, she’s caused harm on accident, which means that if she’s focused and intent on really doing serious damage to others, there aren’t a lot of forces in the world that could hope to stop her without going full-out and so over the top that entire towns, or even cities, would be wiped off the map. 

That’s the intensity of this story since this young girl was written in as the type of character that is incredibly young when her powers manifest, and as a result, she has little to no control over the flare-ups that occur from time to time, until her father teaches her how to control herself. Even then, it would appear that she’s more than ready to use the power when she feels the need, and is willing to cut loose when the moment warrants it. The only problem is thinking that her determination of when and where the power is to be used, and how it needs to happen, might not be in the best interests of others. So far the trailer makes it appear as though Charlie is going to be sorely tempted to use her power when it’s not for the greater good, but this will likely increase the tension and the overall enjoyment of the movie since at one point or another her power becomes a moral issue as well. 

May 13th is the release date for this movie and it’s not hard to say that it’s going to be tough to wait for it to arrive since from the cast to the action that’s shown in the trailer this story already looks like it’s going to be impressive. It’s wise to hold off any judgment at the moment or the hope for a possible sequel if the ending supports such a thing. Right now it’s enough to think that this story has been a long time coming when thinking of its reboot status.

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