The Infamous Second Son: Revisiting the 8-Year-Old PlayStation Masterpiece

The Infamous Second Son: Revisiting the 8-Year-Old PlayStation Masterpiece

Back in November 2013, when the PlayStation 4 was announced, it had only a handful of games under its sleeve. If you were to exclude the third-party titles and the mediocre platformer Knack, you would be left with only Killzone Shadowfall. It’s a great game, but a new console needs a title that kicks sales into high gear.

Enter March 2014, when Sucker Punch released their final entry into the popular Infamous series. It was just the game the platform needed; an open-word action-adventure genre with a relatable protagonist and a cruel world. So let’s delve into why this game is an absolute must-play, even in 2022.

A Living City That Breathes

The Infamous Second Son: Revisiting the 8-Year-Old PlayStation Masterpiece

Credit: InFAMOUS Second Son

Before we get to the good stuff, let’s appreciate how realistic Infamous Second Son looked. In 2014, the best-looking games had to be G.T.A. 5, Far Cry 4, and Alien Isolation.

Infamous Second Son was built using Sucker Punch’s in-house game engine, exclusively for the mighty PlayStation 4. As a result, it used elaborate smoke, light, and particle effects that truly stole the show.

The fictional city of Seattle in the game is crafted with an attention to detail never before seen in a Sucker Punch title. Everything radiates perfection, from the world, the buildings in it and their inhabitants, the N.P.C.s as well as the enemies, to the lighting effects that sell home the super-hero/super-villain vibe; for an 8-year-old game, it’s no wonder that the graphics look good even today.

If you’re a fan of older titles, you should take a gander at these five classic adventure games that should be adapted into tv series.

An Emotional Roller Coaster Of A Story

The Infamous Second Son: Revisiting the 8-Year-Old PlayStation Masterpiece

Credit: InFAMOUS Second Son

In a world borrowed from the previous two Infamous titles, you play as Delsin Rowe. However, he’s an all-new protagonist in the series. Delsin lacks any purpose or direction in his life, and his sole pastime is to vandalize government properties in the crudest way possible.

His brother, Reggie, is the sheriff and acts as a moral compass for his little brother, constantly rebuking Delsin for his insubordination. Design, however, is frustrated with the state of the world, and the atrocities of the Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P.) against the citizens add to it.

Delsin’s world turns upside down when a military truck carrying three conduits crashes near him. Two conduits manage to escape, but while helping the third conduit out, Delsin accidentally absorbs his smoke powers, turning into a conduit himself.

The story then follows Delsin’s struggles against D.U.P. and its head, Brooke Augustine, as he tries to make a place for himself and other conduits in the military-occupied city of Seattle.

It has tear-jerking moments, hopes that get shattered, and characters that will make you boil with anger as you play through is roughly 10-hour story with two endings.

Play On Your Terms

The Infamous Second Son: Revisiting the 8-Year-Old PlayStation Masterpiece

Credit: InFAMOUS Second Son

The combat in Infamous Second Son is a mix of third-person shooter and a beat-em-up. Each of the four powers also has an ultimate ability that can cause mass destruction all around you.

In terms of maneuverability, Delsin can move around the city of Seattle with the help of his powers. Each ability has a different movement pattern associated with it. Some give Delsin the ability to move super-fast, and others allow him to glide above the city.

You can recharge every power through the element that it’s based on. For instance, the smoke power that unlocks at the game’s start is used up if you keep shooting projectiles. So to recharge it, find a chimney emanating smoke, and Delsin will absorb it, filling up the smoke power meter.

There are a variety of combat and maneuverability options that come with his powers. This allows players to tackle every enemy encounter with the best method they feel is the best. This makes the gameplay much more versatile and enjoyable. We can’t wait for what Sucker Punch has planned next.

Karma: Your Actions Have Consequences

Returning from the previous titles is the Karma system. In the Infamous games, you can act as the judge and the jury in multiple situations. The game’s ending will be different depending on whether you choose to be a good or a bad guy.

Delsin can be a superhero and work for the good of the people. This allows him to prove that not all conduits are to be feared. If you’re into superhero games, you should be psyched about these upcoming titles.

Or, if you feel a bit criminal, you can go on a killing rampage in the city. This will instill fear in the hearts of the public. It all comes down to the decisions you make throughout the game.

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