The History and Evolution of the Sun Valley Film Festival

Located in Sun Valley, Idaho, one of the most likely places to find a collection of storytellers, legends, and filmmakers alike, the Sun Valley Film Festival has been going on now for just shy of a decade and has evolved into the kind of festival that has nearly supplanted the location’s ideal as a ski resort and vacation spot. The legacy that’s being created is one that many feel is important since it includes the voices and contributions of so many that have been seen to have such unique vision and clarity when attempting to create something that they’ve been seen fit to be recognized for their ability and their overall importance to the film community. Each March Sun Valley plays host to a large number of individuals that make their way to Idaho in an attempt to teach, inspire, and bask in the attention of those that look up to them and strive to be like them.

The festival itself is held in and around the town with a reception at Hemingway’s resorted hunting lodge, where it seeks to recapture the spirit of an era that many of us never got the chance to know, but still is allowed to come to life for that one special weekend. The wonder of film is the main point behind this festival, and some even believe that it’s starting to outstrip the famed Cannes Film Festival as well, though this bold claim is made only by those that are willing to pit the reputation of something that’s still building against something that’s been established for a while now. As you might guess the festival manages to draw several industry icons that are glad to return year after year, such as Gywneth Paltrow, Clint Eastwood, Jodie Foster, and many more. At this point the festival is becoming known as an event that is looked forward to by many and loved by artists and amateurs alike.

Those with any real aspiration towards film or those that are simply fond of the scene and the ambiance that’s created by the festival should perhaps try to make their way to Idaho each March in an attempt to at least see what they can, perhaps to even rub shoulders with those that they admire if the moment is right. It’s very likely that those that are invited are often quite busy and less than likely to have much time to do much more than answer a few questions before moving on, but it’s also likely that inspiration can strike if one finds themselves in the right place at the right time. Festivals such as this after all are for the most part a way to congratulate and bestow more appreciation on those that have already reached the pinnacle of their careers while reminding the rest of us what it is we aspire to and what we seek with each breath we take within the presence of a story or a movie idea that comes to mind. Such festivals are hot spots for those that believe they have a winning chance of presenting a new idea, something that no one has ever seen before, and a blockbuster in the making.

It’s dicey to think that anyone without the needed experience might have a chance here, but the one thing that can be counted on is if that you can find your way to the festival there’s always a chance that you’ll find the inspiration that you need to find your way back in a different capacity the following year. There’s 364 days that you can utilize to find your dream and make it a reality after all, and sometimes it takes far less to reach that goal. For all intents and purposes the festival isn’t going anywhere as it’s been gaining influence so swiftly throughout the years that Sun Valley is no longer known just for the skiing that it’s provided for so long. The festival is at this point one of the biggest reasons why people show up in March and why they’ll stay the entire weekend, as there’s simply too much to do and too much to see to leave early. This is the place to be during this time and it’s the one spot where, if you’re close enough, inspiration might whisper in your ear and give you the perfect idea of how to get the kind of notice that you’ve always wanted for an idea.

Despite its short run thus far it does seem as though the Sun Valley Festival is indeed growing in leaps and bounds as it’s been gaining the attention of many noted stars and even those that aren’t so well-known but are at the very least starting to make their way up the ranks. If it keeps growing like this it could very well outstrip Cannes. We’ll have to wait and see.

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