The Hilarious Return of Dr. Bees, The World’s Greatest Superhero

The Hilarious Return of Dr. Bees, The World’s Greatest Superhero

Obviously one has to know who Dr. Bees is in order to get pumped about his return since otherwise, well, it’s kind of hard to really care about an animated short that’s goofy from the word ‘go’. The story is pretty simple to be fair, since a villain known as the Comforter, who has a ray gun that can create comfort wherever it goes, including armchairs, blankets, and pillows, is seen in a bank where it’s assumed that he’s going to rob the place after making everyone too comfortable to chase him. Yeah, it gets weirder than that since the Comforter doesn’t steal anything and simply leaves the scene, which then brings in the police chief and Omnipotron, who looks like a 4-armed Dr. Manhattan wannabe, and of course, Dr. Bees, who for his own reasons unleashes a swarm of bees into the bank after discovering that there’s no crime being committed. Oh, it gets crazier. This is the kind of story that makes a lot of people stare in dumbfounded wonder at how such a thing can be created and released where people can see it, but then one has to remember that technology has made it possible to push pretty much whatever a person wants as long as they have the money, the skill, and the desire to see it happen. While every story has some validity there are times when one has to wonder ‘why?’ in regards to pushing a certain story, character, or idea. Dr. Bees is something that might have a pretty strong market, but it’s a strange one to be certain. When it comes to animated comedy in superhero form it’s kind of obvious that there are moments when anything goes, especially if it’s something that a lot of people haven’t heard of before and are just now coming to realize was an actual thing at one point.

Trying to figure this out is all kinds of messed up since this is an animated short that features a guy that’s so painfully oblivious and so ridiculous attired and armed that one can’t help but think that someone was a little too drunk or otherwise incapable of rational thought and jotted something down that felt like it would work and just went with it. Of course, that would imply that once they sobered up that this still felt like a good idea and developed it in a manner that they might have figured that people would laugh at and have a good old time. It’s true, a lot of people are bound to laugh at this, and it’s fair to state that the sense of humor needed to see that this is in fact pretty funny is the disturbing kind that might send a lot of people walking the other way since it might be deemed as offensive or somehow off-putting. It is a crazy cartoon, there’s no doubt about it since Dr. Bees looks positively demented and might actually be the kind of character one might expect to be just a step or two away from being a villain. That’s kind of hard to prove, but it’s also something that feels accurate enough looking at the character and listening to him, and of course, there’s the fact that he attacks with bees. Who in the world does that?

Judging one character or another is usually never a good idea since as fictional characters they’re not always worth commenting about since the term ‘fictional’ needs to be remembered, otherwise, people become a little too offended way too quickly and don’t tend to remember that they’re arguing against a character that doesn’t really exist. Plus, arguing over how ridiculous something is kind of opens up a lot of debate as to whether a person even has a sense of humor and why they feel the need to dampen the good time of others when it comes to certain ideas. Dr. Bees is definitely silly and not something that a lot of people would take seriously, but there’s bound to be an audience out there that would think of this as great entertainment, and if they’re willing to watch then so be it. Every idea has a bit of value after all since it’s another idea that’s placed in a world where ideas tend to make the difference between advancing our shared cultures or allowing them to simply wither and die off. Granted, some additions don’t appear to add a lot of value to humanity, but there’s always some purpose to be had all the same since strange as it might be, Dr. Bees is able to make some people laugh, and while some folks might want to bristle and debate the ‘greatest superhero’ part of it, the rest of might just sit back and laugh. Seriously, it’s the best option sometimes.

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