The Flash Season 3 Episode 15 Review: “The Wrath of Savitar”

The Flash Season 3 Episode 15 Review: "The Wrath of Savitar"

When The Flash chose to cover Flashpoint, things were unclear and felt as though they had no consequences. The event and everything following really made Barry an unlikable character, but looking back, it now feels like viewers were seeing the character’s true selfish nature for the first time ever. Barry is a fun and caring person, but the minute he can do something to improve his own life, he gets a lot more serious about the situation at hand. This all subsided for awhile and it felt like the original character was back; yet, once again, Barry immediately flips because he currently cannot outsmart Savitar and figure out how to save Iris.

Despite revealing a new side of Barry that really changes everything the character’s about, it’s nice to see The Flash finally address the selfish nature of the titular character and not let him get away with it. The one thing that is nice about the CW DC television shows is that they are long-term origin stories; Barry isn’t supposed to be the character everyone knows and loves, he has to learn from mistakes and develop into that human. It’s not fun to see but it should be appreciated that The Flash is at least displaying what Barry will do and act like when he is so preoccupied with himself.

“The Wrath of Savitar” also finally makes the show’s season 3 villain a lot more interesting than previous episodes have and finally prove that the character has Barry completely outsmarted. To this point, Savitar has felt pretty underwhelming and like just another speedster who is faster than Barry that will inevitably be defeated by the Flash. This episode reveals that the villain is actually patient and dives a little deeper into his motivations behind wanting to torment Barry. Once again, returning to Flashpoint, Savitar was created through the event and is essentially one of the few people on The Flash to grasp what Barry fully made happen. The show has already explored the idea that Barry gave certain people powers when they had no desire for them (Caitlin), but Savitar represent the angry side of that seeking revenge.

Savitar just flat out wants to break Barry, but what’s so clever is that he isn’t doing much and is really letting Barry destroy himself. The threat of Savitar comes from the future vision of Iris dying, and in trying to prevent that Barry has been pushing every relationship he has to the edge. Season 3 of The Flash has been about Barry not being able to control himself or stay stable knowing Iris’ life is in jeopardy. “The Wrath of Savitar” even shows that Joe and Wally are getting tired of Barry’s selfish nature. Joe is unhappy about the proposal and not being asked or consoled about the decision to make such a big step with his daughter in such a quick amount of time. Joe can see it’s completely unlike Barry and he almost feels left out to have not been briefed on Barry’s full plan for the two of them. On top of this, Wally gets to see the future and discovers Barry’s true intentions for marrying his sister.

Everyone has just had it with Barry and the sly secret ways he keeps trying to change things. In reality, the Flash is just digging himself a bigger whole and hurting everyone by keeping them in the dark or pushing them away. As “The Wrath of Savitar” concludes, Barry once again is faced with a terrible outcome because of choices he made. While Wally, by no means, is a good character either (which he continues to prove in this episode as well), it’s understandable why he is rebelling from working with Barry. Despite Wally’s naivety leading to his own [temporary] demise by getting stuck inside of the speed force, he is making a reactionary move that shows how broken up Team Flash truly is.

That’s why this episode displays how awesome of a villain Savitar really is; he isn’t just pushing The Flash to a new level, but pushing all of the characters to a point where they feel completely broken and disconnected. There are little silver linings,  but Barry is watching everyone he cares the most about resent him or get hurt because of his decisions. Season 3 of The Flash has been pushing the show into a new realm that will change a lot of major aspects going forward. As previously mentioned, this is a show about the development of a character into a hero, and Savitar is pushing Barry to become mature and responsible when addressing and dealing with his own actions.

Other Thoughts:

– Oh man, Joe’s gargoyle reaction to the proposal and then change to happiness is great.

– HR wanting to be the best man. So great. So appropriate.

– Savitar with the best dis scene in all of Flash? Flat out wrecked everyone when he took over Julian.

– Barry vs. Savitar fight was DOPE.


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