The Flash Season 1 Episode 16 Review: “Rogue Time”

The Flash

This week’s episode of The Flash picks up right where we left off last week as Barry deals with the aftermath of his first time travel trip and now has to deal with the consequences, while at the same time going up against the Rogues again, who bring in a new member, Lisa Snart (Peyton List), sister of Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller).

This was a pretty good follow-up from the incredibly packed episode we had last week, when emotions were all over the place and things were about to go down with Mark Mardon. I’m always a big fan of protagonists having to re-live their previous day while having all the answers and knowing what the other people are about to say or do. So that’s something I liked seeing here with Barry and how Harrison was all “no spoilers!” throughout the whole thing, with us having the knowledge that he is all about time travel.

This episode of The Flash actually paralleled pretty nicely with what Oliver on Arrow was going through last week, as he struggled with big questions about how he should deal with his issues. Here we see Barry having to deal with the fact that he knows that Iris does feel for him, but because of he time traveled, there is no event that pushes her to come to terms or reveal those feelings. Instead, it’s Cisco that has to go through that situation when he deals with his family.

Speaking of the Ramons, we get to meet Dante Ramon (guest star Nicholas Gonzalez), Cisco’s brother, who I had been dying to meet as I’m a huge fan of Cisco and his background in the comic books. It was really weird to see Cisco, who is so gifted and smart in the Ramon family, being invisible and the outsider of the family with his mom being more focused on Dante. Their dynamic was so interesting to follow, and it became more compelling during the scene when they were kidnapped by the Rogues.

You can’t get enough of the Rogues, especially when they introduce new members like Lisa, a famous Rogue member that has lately become a bigger part of the comics in the New 52. I loved Peyton List so much on The Tomorrow People, so it was a thrill to see her on this show where she was the complete opposite of what Cara was on that show. She had a great dynamic with Miller, and funny enough, they actually do look like they could be related in real life. It was weird, though, as a comic fan, to not see her with powers, which is how I’m used to seeing with her.

The “Gold-Gun” worked for what it was, although if you think about it, since her gun can essentially turning anything into gold, why would she, Cold, and Heat Wave even need to rob vans and all that? However, because I love the Rogues so much and since their mentality is basically “because we can and want to,” I don’t want to be nitpicky on this. Overall, I was happy with what we got of her, but I do want to see more exploration of the Snart siblings’ relationship in future episodes. The big thing to come out of the Rogues’ latest visit was that Cold learned about The Flash’s secret identity, and this now sets up one interesting dynamic that will be part of the show for its entire run.

Last, but definitely not the least, we get to one of the best parts of the whole episode, which is what I had always hoped for since we learned that Harrison is Reverse-Flash. Barry figures it out on his own that the man that claims to be a mentor to him is, in fact, his greatest enemy. Barry Allen is one of the smartest characters in the DC Universe, so for someone like me who loves that side of him in the comics, it was a relief that we got reminded of that in this episode. This new information will now set Barry up for one heck of a run in these remaining episodes of Season 1. Overall, “Rogue Time” was a terrific episode with great character development, especially for Cisco as he dealt with his family. We are slowly but steadily starting to see the true formation of the Rogues, so fingers crossed that before the season is up, we will have a gathering of these villains.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights, 8/7c on The CW.

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