The Five Saddest Young and The Restless Moments of 2020

Nothing ever makes anyone happy for long on The Young and the Restless. When someone on this show finds happiness, or love, or anything good, they quickly find that it’s also bad. They cannot seem to catch a break, and it’s a problem through and through. We know this because fans are constantly an on emotional roller coaster of feelings when it comes to this show. 2020 has been an emotional roller coaster of all emotional roller coasters, and we are just trying to sit here and figure out what to do about all the sad moments. We tried to find the five we thought were the saddest of the year, but it is hard to narrow it down in a moment like this.

Dina’s Death

We all knew it was coming. It’s not like it’s a shock to us that she had to pass on eventually. However, we’ve been expecting it so long now that it almost seemed as if it would never happen. Years, now, we’ve been watching her health decline, her memory go further and further astray, and her family worry for her. This year, however, was the year she passed. It’s been a terrible year for her family, and it’s only gotten worse since her death. We were all sad to see someone who has been such a legend on the show leave forever, but we do find ourselves wondering if there is any chance she might come back at some point.

Adam’s Entire Life

He’s been committed, and it’s been hard on his family. He’s had a rough go of things, and it’s not a secret. But, it’s been very sad watching his life this year. He came back from the dead. He was so happy to be back. He seemed to be changed. He seemed to want to get a fresh start in his life. He seemed to be on the right track…until he made it very clear he was not on the right path, he was not doing anything useful with his life, and he hadn’t changed. Watching his family suffer through so much sadness when they realized this was rough, and watching them make the decision to commit him was even more difficult for all of us. It’s been a year, and we find his entire life so sad.

Devon Finding Out About Elena

Of all the things that have happened in Genoa City this year, this one might not seem like the biggest deal. But, it is the biggest deal to us. Why? Because this is a man who, in the course of the past year or so, has lost his wife, his unborn baby, and his father. His sister caused the accident that took the lives of his wife and baby. His father died without any warning, and then this woman shows up in town looking exactly like his dead wife, and all things are just miserable for him. He’s struggled worse than anyone else, and finding love and opening his heart with Elena really gave us so much happiness. But, it turns out that she cheated on him, and that was something we found very sad.

Faith’s Addiction

When Faith fell into a drinking addiction, it became a problem for everyone around her. She was having a very hard time hiding it, and everyone was upset. But, they all did what they could to keep this information from Sharon. She went through so much with her cancer and her recovery, and now she’s in a good place. However, she’s still struggling. She’s not in a good place on the inside, and it seems some people recognize that. This is why everyone worked so hard to keep her addiction from Sharon, but she found out regardless. This kind of secret keeping is what she’s been hoping people would stop doing to her, but it’s not worked out. She was crushed to learn this.

Sharon’s Cancer

In no capacity is having cancer an easy situation to go through. Sharon, however, is going through it right now. Her life is a mess, and she’s been a bigger mess herself since she found out a year ago she was living with cancer. She’s dealt with it. She’s been through so many emotions, she’s been through so many things. She’s had a tough time, she’s had a reasonable time, she’s had good days, and she’s had bad days. Her surgery was rough, her recovery was difficult, and she lives in constant fear of things not working out for her health. It’s been such an emotional year in terms of just her existence, and we cannot think of anything that’s sadder than what she is going through.

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