The Five Saddest Bold and the Beautiful Moments of 2020

Bold and the Beautiful fans know that many people find so much sadness in LA. There’s so much going on that brings tears to the eyes of fans who want so badly to see someone succeed. The stories this show tells, the characters that they bring to the table, and the struggles they face are all fiction, but that doesn’t stop fans from becoming emotionally invested. We know that there were a lot more sad moments in 2020 than there were happy ones, but we also know that some were a lot sadder than the rest. Which ones? Well, it was hard to narrow it down to just five sad moments, but we think we’ve come up with some that bring a lot of emotional baggage to the table.

Shauna Losing Ridge

We knew it wouldn’t work out. It was never a question of whether it would. He will always, always go back to Brooke, but we did have so much fun watching their romance unfold. It was light and innocent and sweet, and she was so in love with him. The moment she realized that it would never work – the moment he could not remember their wedding nor commit to a new one – was a difficult one for her to swallow. Fans knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier. She was so happy for him to be happy that she was willing to be miserable just so he did not have to be.

Thomas’ Brain Issues

Maybe we don’t know what is going on with him yet – for certain. But, we know something is going on with him. There is nothing in his life that is going to make him behave the way he’s been behaving this year other than some sort of brain issue or injury, and it’s been sad to watch this decline. It was one thing to see mean, evil Thomas doing things that aren’t nice to the people around him, but it’s been a different story to watch him do things like live with a life-size doll that looks exactly like Hope. Our hearts hurt for this man who is clearly going through so much more than he can even control.

Steffy’s Addiction

What makes this so sad is that it’s an actually believable story. Sure, Thomas’ new inflatable girlfriend is a said situation, but it’s not one that we know will ever happen to anyone in real life. But, Steffy’s pain pill popping addiction is a real problem many people face, and that makes this situation even sadder than it might be otherwise. She’s struggling with her addiction, and it’s hard to watch it. She was doing so well in her life. She was, for the first time, in a good place. She was happy. She was taking care of her baby. She was doing all that she needed to do, and she was good. This was sad to watch.

Katie’s Illness

When Katie’s health began to decline, the world was horrified. She and Bill were finally in a good place, and they seemed to be making some big strides with their family situation and all of that. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse for her when she found out her health was so bad that she would die without a surgery and everything that goes along with that. She needed a donor, and she struggled to find one. Her situation was not ideal, but Flo did step up and make it happen. It was a sad moment watching her say her goodbyes to her family in hopes that her surgery would work and her life would be saved. It was especially sad to see her with her son in that time.

Sally and Wyatt’s Romance

We had such high hopes for them, but things never worked out for them. They had so much going on in their lives that were good and hopeful, and then Flo came to town. She’s a liar and a cheat and a woman who did horrible things, yet he still chose her over Sally. When Sally finally decided to let her health scare turn into a lie so big she managed to convince him that she was dying so that he would take her back, we were worried. We were sad to see this kind of desperation coming from her, but we still had hope. What Flo did was also just as bad, but it seems that Wyatt could not forgive the woman we all wanted to see him with, and that was just not a happy moment for us.

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