The Five Richest Cast Members of “The Staircase”

The Five Richest Cast Members of “The Staircase”
The Five Richest Cast Members of “The Staircase”

Credit: The Staircase

The Staircase is a star-studded miniseries that aired on HBO earlier this year. It depicts the story of novelist and convicted murderer Michael Peterson, who was accused of bludgeoning his wife, Kathleen, to death. The miniseries was based on a 2004 documentary about the case, which shared a similar title as this series. The Staircase was created by Antonio Campos, who had previously worked on movies like Simon Killer, Christine, and The Devil All The Time.

The miniseries raked in positive reviews during its release, with most critics praising how the storyline unraveled as well as how its cast members performed their parts brilliantly. AV Club made a great point about how the film exposes people’s voyeuristic tendencies towards the grisly details of real-life murders: “This nonlinear reexamination is as much about a possible murder as it is society’s insidious fascination with horrible tragedies.”

As previously mentioned, The Staircase features an all-star cast, many of whom have appeared in blockbusters in the past. This means a significant number of its actors have been able to build wealth through their past involvements in films and TV shows. Wondering which cast members of the show has the most impressive bank accounts? Here are the five richest cast members of the HBO true-crime miniseries The Staircase.

Michael Stuhlbarg – $3 Million

The Five Richest Cast Members of “The Staircase”

Credit: The Staircase

Michael Stuhlbarg plays David Rudolf, Michael’s lawyer, in The Staircase. He has received numerous award nominations for his performances, including two Primetime Emmy nominations, a Tony Award nomination, and a Golden Globe Award nomination. His most recent films include Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams, Beckett, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and the upcoming Bones & All. The most generous estimate of his net worth places him at around $3 million.

Patrick Schwarzenegger – $6 million

Patrick Schwarzenegger plays Todd Peterson in The Staircase. Other works he’s been involved in include Moxie, Warning, Echo Boomers, and Daniel Isn’t Real. On TV, he’s portrayed Donny Mitchell on The Terminal List and Golden Boy in The Boys Presents: Varsity. Patrick hasn’t worked in show business for so long, but estimates of his net worth have placed him at a whopping $6 million, which isn’t bad for a relative newcomer. Being the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver certainly doesn’t hurt. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he’s made significant money from flipping houses in California, buying properties in West Hollywood and selling them for profit.

Sophie Turner – $8 million

The Five Richest Cast Members of “The Staircase”

Credit: The Staircase

Sophie Turner portrays Margaret Ratliff, Michael’s adoptive daughter, in The Staircase. Previously, she made a name for herself for starring as Sansa Stark in the epic fantasy TV series Game of Thrones, which, impressively, is her acting debut. She has since then appeared in movies like Time Freak Dark Phoenix, Heavy, and Every Last Secret and shows like Survive and The Prince. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Turner has a net worth of $8 million. She is married to pop superstar Joe Jonas, with whom she bought a luxurious $14.1 million house in the Encino area of Los Angeles. More recently, they paid $11 million for a mansion in Miami, which includes a gym, pool, spa, sauna, and a dock for a yacht.

Toni Collette – $18 million

The Five Richest Cast Members of “The Staircase”

Credit: The Staircase

Toni Collette plays Kathleen Peterson, the murdered wife of Michael Peterson, in The Staircase. A brilliant and talented actress known for her ability to take on a range of roles, Collette has appeared in movies ranging from Hereditary to Knives Out. More recently, she’s appeared in I’m Thinking of Ending Things, Stowaway, Nightmare Alley, and Mickey7. On TV, alongside The Staircase, she starred in another series titled Pieces of Her, which aired on Netflix. Estimates of her net worth are at $18 million. Most of her real estate assets are in her hometown Australia, specifically in Sydney, where she purchased houses in affluent neighborhoods. She also has a home in Los Angeles worth $1.3 million.

Colin Firth – $25 million

The richest of the cast members of The Staircase is Colin Firth, who has an estimated net worth of $25 million. Firth portrays Michael Peterson in the series. A multi-awarded performer, Firth is most notably recognized for his Academy-Award-winning performance in The King’s Speech, for which he snagged the top prize in the Best Actor category. He’s also appeared in Pride and Prejudice, The English Patient, Shakespeare In Love, Bridget Jones’ Baby, Mamma Mia!, and A Single Man. TV performances, aside from The Staircase, include Born Equal, Fourplay, and Conspiracy. He also hosted Saturday Night Live in 2004. Firth’s most recent performances include Operation Mincemeat, Mothering Sunday, Supernova, and the upcoming movie Empire of Light, which is directed by Sam Mendes. In the movie, Firth is set to portray the character of Mr. Ellis.Colin FirthColin Firth

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