The Five Main Characters Of Johnny Bravo: Explained

credit: Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo is yet another animated cartoon brought to us by Cartoon Network. The animated series showed the daily life of Johnny Bravo, a muscular man in a black shirt and blue pants, with yellow pointed hair, as he searched for a woman to date.

Throughout the series, he had a share of failed dating attempts caused by women being repulsed by him. He also had a fair share of friends that always accompanied her along the way. Below, we’ll get to know the characters of this classic cartoon. We’ll discover the role they played throughout the series and how they influenced Johnny’s movements along the way.

1. Johnny Bravo

He is what the show is named after and is the main protagonist. He could be described as someone who was always on the lookout for girls and would try everything to ever have a date. He knows no bounds negatively, and this is shown when he gets too intrusive towards a woman’s personal space while flirting. (Most women that Johnny approached could be seen bending backward from him.)

His most prominent physical feature would be his muscles, as he would often flex them around, even with an iconic sound effect. These muscles made him have confidence in his appearance, or should I say, too much confidence, as he thought that his handsome look would allow him to win over any woman he ever wanted.

2. Bunny Bravo

Bunny is Johnny’s mother. She’s characterized as a mother who is very caring and treats her son, Johnny, who is even larger than her as if he was still her baby boy. This caressing attitude would often make Johnny embarrassed of himself because of this treatment, as he was no longer the child his mother would treat him to be.

She is very protective of Johnny, and a great example of this can be seen in Season 4, Episode 6a, Non, Oui, Oui pour Johnny. In the episode, after having had a swordfight-looking battle using baguettes with Johnny, Monsieur Franc begins to insult Johnny with acts such as destroying and trampling over his passport. However, the French went too far when he used a baguette to destroy the look of Johnny’s iconic hair. This enraged his mother. She began to scold their French teacher. She iterated that it was fine if he destroyed his credentials, but no one should be able to lay their hands on her son’s hair. This motherly love by Bunny towards Johnny even goes from protecting his body to being altered to a form he wouldn’t like.

3. Carl Chryniszzswics

Carl is the nerdy boy that was Johnny’s pal during the series. His main physical characteristics would be his thin build, brown hair that is overly-extended frontward, his eyeglasses with diamond-shaped lenses, and temples that are too long they reach further than his ears.

He is Johnny’s best friend, and with or without Johnny, he seems to love to go to Pops to dine despite knowing how horrid the processes the food there usually undergoes before being served.

In Season 3, Episode 13c, Carl was revealed to be Johnny’s former bully because he was larger in size and greater in age. However, for some reason, Carl had turned into a tamer person and less of a bully.

credit: Johnny Bravo

4. Little Suzy

Suzy is Johnny Bravo’s child neighbor. In the show, she was often seen as a little girl, around the age of seven, wearing a green jumper with a shirt that had a lighter shade of color than that. Her hair was orange-colored, and it only reached her neck.

During the course of the series, the viewers might have noticed that Suzy and Johnny had this uncle-and-niece or father-and-daughter dynamic. She was very playful, which Johnny would find annoying. However difficult she was to handle, he would always be there to cheer Suzy up nonetheless.

credit: Johnny Bravo

5. Pops

He is the owner of Pop’s Moon Palace, the diner which Johnny and Carl frequented to. Throughout his restaurant’s existence in the show, it was revealed that he had a lot of malpractices in handling and preparing food that would make his products unpalatable. Why was he still in business, you may ask? Well, the answer to that is that he bribed the city’s health officials so that they won’t reveal the horrible things that happen behind closed doors in his kitchen.

Despite this, Johnny and Carl seemed to enjoy the food.

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