New Animated Series “Final Space” on TBS: What We Know

New Animated Series “Final Space” on TBS:  What We Know

TBS is coming out with a new animated space adventure called Final Space. So far it looks a little crazy but not so over the top that it might be counted as one of the most disturbed cartoons in the world. It almost looks interesting enough to really get into really. Here’s what we can take away from the trailer so far.

The lead is human.

This is pretty standard really since a lot more people tend to watch a show or a film based on scifi or fantasy when the lead is a human character. It tends to let people relate to that character in some way, shape, or form regardless of what they might be going through. Some people might call this a support of xenophobia but in reality it’s simply a grounding point that let’s people feel at least some comfort with the show. When was the last time you saw a scifi show without a single human?

There’s serious conflict that seems to take place during the first episode.

The lead character is seen adrift in space during the beginning of the trailer with a leaking suit and seemingly no hope of survival. Around him the wreckage of what was presumably his ship and crew floats aimlessly in space while his suit continues to vent precious gases. It could be that humans aren’t very well thought of in this portion of whatever galaxy he’s in, or he just happened to be on the losing side in a previous battle. In any case it seems likely that he’s going to be a castaway to start with.

It appears there will be some pop culture references in the show.

If you looked closely you could see what looked like a representation of the Princess Bride during which Inigo Montoya was facing down the six-fingered man. That seems to indicate that no matter that this is a scifi show there will still be references back to 20th century earth and the various cultures that exist upon it, or existed considering that this is a futuristic sitcom.

The little green sidekick is going to be someone important, and quite powerful.

If you watch that little green blob that appears with the main character seems to befriend him, which might seem weird or par for the course depending on how you look at it. But if you look a little closer that little green blob displays some truly powerful energy blasts that seem capable of causing some very serious damage. This little green sidekick could be an innocuous character that doesn’t desire conflict but can surely dish it out when it’s necessary.

There will be races that are basically humanoid animals. 

The cat creature that walks on its hind legs is obviously a main or supporting character judging by its appearance in the trailer and could possibly be a reluctant sidekick or partner to the lead character. It would follow with the known formula of a human pairing with an alien under the right circumstances so that they can benefit from each other’s skill sets.

So far it looks like an interesting cartoon.


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