The Five Best Vampire Movies from 2010 – Present

Vampire movies have kind of had to evolve with the changing times and in the current era they’ve had to give up a lot and take on changes that people have wanted to see based on their age, interests, and of course, their love of a good horror movie coupled with teenage angst in some cases. The average vampire movie will always feature some blood if not gallons of it, while those that seek to call themselves vampire movies will at least cling to some tenets of the old ways that keep them from being called something else entirely. It’s a much bigger world when it comes to enjoying monster movies since some vampire movies aren’t even called monster movies any longer, but instead are classified as teen dramas or just barely as teen horror films. Oh the inhumanity of it all.

Here are some of the best vampire movies from the 2010s.

5. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

There is a reason for the low placement of a Twilight movie on this list, and that’s because Twilight has too long been about Team Edward and Team Jacob and it’s kind of dominated the series for years. But in this film at least things have escalated to the point that the werewolves and the vampires are now fighting alongside one another in an attempt to stifle the attempts of an even greater enemy that threatens them both if they aren’t put in check. Plus the effects and the fact that Bella has finally realized her destiny has the appeal that many of those hanging on for a miracle in this series were waiting for.

4. Dracula Untold

This film didn’t receive the reception it really deserved since to be honest it puts another nice spin on the Dracula legend and increases his power in such a way that makes him a truly dangerous creature to behold. It also hearkens back to his more legendary weaknesses and strengths that allow the figure to truly be considered as one of the greatest movie monsters alive. The idea of him gaining his powers from a creature infested by a demon, as well as being Vlad the Impaler, is something that hasn’t been done all that often, if at all, and could have been cast aside since it doesn’t really cling to one legend or another, but creates its own voice. That’s why it’s worth mentioning.

3. Hotel Transylvania

So I’ll admit to being guilty of putting this one on here because it’s a cute family flick that has to do with vampires and other monsters. Yes Adam Sandler has been swinging for the fences, but a lot of folks could agree that this is a pretty fun movie that takes the horror of the monsters movies and makes it into something that kids can enjoy. They’ll find out soon enough as they grow up what the legendary monsters are really all about, but while they’re young it’s still fun to let them play around and imagine themselves as one of the monsters that roams throughout the hotel. There’s nothing wrong with making monsters fun.

2. 30 Days of Night: Dark Days

How many of us can honestly say we were satisfied with the ending of 30 Days of Night? This one at least lets the story pick up and take off where the original ended, exposing vampires to the public as one might want in an attempt to show that they do exist and they are a very real danger. It’s something that might happen if a person was among the only survivors of their town and felt the need to exact some sort of revenge for those that had perished, and it’s also something that a lot of could say we would want to do. The PTSD that would be suffered would be horrendous, but the call to vengeance would be far too strong to deny.

1. Underworld: Blood Wars

The Underworld saga has been kind of ho-hum for a while since the second film but this one seems poised to start things up again or at least leave it on a pleasing note as Selene has gone from being a loyal Death Dealer to being a master in her own right. She’s now one of the most powerful vampires in the coven and more than this, she’s someone that even the top-rated lycans wouldn’t want to mess with since she ripped the spine right out of their leader in this film. Kate Beckinsale has made the character of Selene into a formidable warrior that has made this franchise fun and engaging from the start.

Vampire movies will continue to change along with the times and in the next ten to twenty years we’ll likely see other such horror films emerge that take advantage of the era into which they’re born.

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