The Five Best TV Show Christmas Episodes from 2000-2010

The Five Best TV Show Christmas Episodes from 2000-2010

Watching Christmas episodes on TV is kind of like catching a really cool trailer that explains most of a movie, you get the excitement, the rush, and then it’s over quicker than you could blink. Okay there’s more to it than that, as there’s usually 30 minutes at least to get into the show and figure out what’s going on, but it’s kind of amazing that anyone can get anything out of that short amount of time that’s bound to last since really a half hour seems to fly by pretty quickly. But Christmas episodes tend to get noticed more simply because we all wait for this time of year to pop up and when it does we’re primed and ready for the delivery of several episodes that are supposed to be warm and fuzzy and capable of reminding us what the Christmas season is all about. Of course with some of them we’re just hoping that it’s another great episode that happens to come at Christmas-time.

So with that being said here are five Christmas episodes that are some of the best from the early 2000s.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It’s hard to equate Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Christmas since the creatures that she goes after are anything but conducive to this holiday. When was the last time you honestly saw a vampire or anything dedicated to evil celebrating Christmas? Still, it would be kind of exclusionary to leave the show out and not allow fans to see some kind of joy that could be had by those involved. It’s still something that’s kind of odd to witness but that’s what makes it so enjoyable really since it isn’t the norm and therefore is something you can watch and really not know what to expect. That alone is refreshing.

4. Family Guy

When Stewie and Brian have to fill Santa’s shoes so to speak you just know things are going to get out of control. From having demonic reindeer to the fact that they beat a man and woman to death when they’re discovered is enough to make anyone shake their head and wonder just what the creators were thinking. Yet despite that you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it as they go on about their business and continue to deliver presents. This show has its truly over the top moments but there are times when it goes right past the fringe and into the outer limits, and this is one of those times.

3. Mad Men

It simply wouldn’t be an office Christmas party without everyone being made to feel somehow uncomfortable at one point or another, and Mad Men makes that happen quite easily. The conga line is a nice touch, and it’s even kind of amusing how the conga moves past the two people making out without a hitch in their step. But throughout the entire episode you get the feeling that things are not progressing as smoothly as they should be, that a rising level of tension is there and won’t go away no matter what since it’s just not the kind of atmosphere where people are allowed to feel cozy one hundred percent of the time.

2. The Big Bang Theory

It’s kind of interesting to think that Sheldon would be this easy to please since throughout most of the show he’s the hardest person to get along with due to his many different eccentricities. But really, when he gets a napkin that was handled by Leonard Nimoy you would think that he, well, got a little TOO excited in that moment and suddenly became a fully-fledged man. But when he learned that Nimoy had wiped his face with the napkin then it becomes evident that he might have done it again. How many ladies do you think actually paid attention when he was finally taken during the course of the show?

1. The Office

Everyone had their favorite characters on The Office and surprisingly there were quite a few that felt that Dwight was someone worth watching and actually following. The actor that played him is in fact pretty good at what he does, but Dwight the character is nothing but sheer annoyance bottled into the form of a human being. Thankfully there’s enough that goes on in this show that keeps him in check, but there are times when you can actually feel for the people that have to work with him considering that his mission in life seems to be to make those around him as miserable as possible while passing it off as just doing his job with maximum efficiency.

Christmas episodes on TV are usually pretty funny and in some cases very dramatic since the time of year is all about having a good time and enjoying a good laugh and a sincere tweaking of your emotions. Happy holidays.

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