Five Ways the Harry Potter Franchise Could Be Expanded

Five Ways the Harry Potter Franchise Could Be Expanded

Five Ways the Harry Potter Franchise Could Be Expanded

There are so many different directions that the Potterverse could expand in that it’s a wonder that nothing has happened as of yet. But with the switch from Johnny Depp to Mads Mikkelsen for the third Fantastic Beasts movie and what feels like a certain reluctance on the part of those in charge, it’s not too hard to understand why things don’t appear to be progressing. It might even have something to do with people not wanting to further JK Rowling’s idea after she landed in such hot water over the LGBTQ+ snafu that she got herself into, but whatever it is, the Potterverse feels like it’s stagnating at the moment, which is anything but a positive move for the franchise if it intends to grow any bigger than it already is. For all the history that still exists around this idea, it’s astounding to realize how little the story has actually grown.  Here are just a few ideas that could help to expand the Potterverse. 

5. Dig deeper into the story behind the house-elves and other various creatures in the Potterverse.

Even an anthology series that takes place on a streaming site would be a wise idea with this particular direction since there are plenty of magical creatures in the Potterverse that only ever get mentioned now and then and don’t get any real depth to them. The books go a long way toward making this happen, but giving people an actual look at what goes into the background of these creatures is still something that would be intriguing enough to get people on board with the idea and could possibly expand the realm of Harry Potter even further given how many different species there are. 

4. Head into the future and see how the children of the heroes and villains of the Battle of Hogwarts turned out.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at least explored this idea since it pushed things into the future a bit to focus on the heroes of Hogwarts as aged and unfortunately just as troubled, if not more so. But focusing instead on their children would be a huge idea that could push things forward, so long as the characters were fleshed out enough to make it possible for people to invest in them as they did with the original cast. A lot of these ideas would likely be better off as series to start with, but it’s also possible that another movie or two could be made about the ideas on this list since a lot of fans would certainly appreciate it. 

3. Make separate series about the schools that have been revealed.

During the Fantastic Beasts series, it’s been made known that America does have its own school of witchcraft and wizardry, as do various other locations. So why not bring in a story or two detailing what went on at each school in the old days? Make a movie concerning the reason why Grindelwald is considered a dirty word at his former school, or how the American school came to be, and so on and so forth. The movies went into a minor amount of detail about these schools, but a series could go much further, and new movies could possibly show us a very interesting sight when talking about the past and the current era. 

2. Explore the founding of Hogwarts and the four houses.

Helping to see how Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw came about, and how their namesakes came to coexist long enough to create a school that would benefit all four houses and their ideals, would be something that might send a lot of Potter fans into a state of euphoria that might look something like a panic attack. Done correctly, this explanation of Hogwarts’ origin could easily be something that might entice a lot of new fans to look into the Potterverse and old fans to sigh in contentment as they find that such a movie or series would give them yet another brief high that would sustain them for a while. 

1. Go into the history of the pureblood families. 

It would be fun to delve into this and see how related the pureblood families really are since some among them are kind of surprising, but pleasantly so since like the Weasely’s, who don’t judge others based on their bloodlines, while others, like the Malfoys, are all about the ‘purity’ and apparent nobility of magical blood. This would likely open a lot of eyes since while this subject is covered now and then in the books, and has likely been written on in other books concerning the movies, it would still be interesting to see the beginning of these families to see where things started going off the rails. 

There’s still a lot of life left in the Potterverse, it just needs direction and someone ambitious enough to make it happen. 

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