The Five Best Songs of Kane Brown

Kane Brown is the kind of guy you look at and wonder at least in part about his ethnicity, but you stop caring when you hear his voice. He’s got an amazing sound that puts him above many others when it comes to talent and his appearance might indicate that he’s into something other than country but his voice would bring the truth back home and leave no doubts about his ability. When he was younger he found out that he was multi-racial and started having troubles with it since some people confronted him about it. He was raised by a single mother and they were homeless at times as they moved around, but things took a definite turn for the better when he auditioned for American Idol and The X Factor. Kane left the X Factor however since they wanted to make him part of a boy band.

Here are some of his best songs to date.

5. Used To Love You Sober

While he hasn’t been in the business all that long Kane has been climbing the charts all the same since he’s managed to get the attention of audiences all over and is able to keep it using his deep voice and compelling lyrics. When it comes to hardships he knows what he’s talking about at least since coming from a home that didn’t feature a stable father figure one has to imagine that his life was a bit difficult at times. Kane and his mother persevered though and managed to survive and even thrive just enough that he was able to put together enough lyrics to impress those that could do something for his career.

4. What’s Mine Is Yours

Looking at Kane you get the feeling that he’d be suited for another style of music, but when his voice comes rolling out it gives rise to the belief of something more along the lines of old country, something that you’ve grown used to after hearing it for so many years. It seems at odds with his appearance, but then it also seems like a nice surprise since it breaks apart any stereotype that might be used to lump him in to another group that he doesn’t belong with largely because of his style and musical genre. Just because someone looks one way doesn’t mean that they’re bound to fall into that group.

3. Lose It

So far in his career he’s won several awards and been nominated for more, meaning that he’s gained the attention of his peers and those that feel compelled to judge a person based on their performance and how well they’re received by the public. At this point you can honestly say that he’s become a sensation and someone that the audience would genuinely cheer for when he comes on stage. That kind of publicity can’t be bought since the will of the people is something that makes or breaks a person most of the time. A person could be hyped up beyond belief but still bomb when they reach the stage if the crowd doesn’t connect with them.

2. What Ifs

With his boyish looks and obvious charm Kane is the kind of guy that might have been easily accepted into a boy band, but he didn’t want that apparently and for good reason. While boy bands have been widely popularized throughout the years they still tend to get a bad rep sometimes due to the fact that they can highlight one star at the expense of others and possibly dampen the talent of those that might actually have something to offer. Plus, the likelihood of another boy band really taking off before their time comes around again is kind of hard to predict. At one point boy bands were widely accepted, now it’s usually better if guys go out on their own or join up with a more diversified group.

1. Heaven

Kane has managed to headline for some very famous acts already in his career and is coming into his own nicely since he’s been cutting one track after another for the last several years and gaining the kind of accolades he needs in order to create a solid and lasting legacy. Anyone saying that he’s just a flash in the pan might be feeling kind of foolish about now since those flash in the pan artists usually don’t last for more than a couple of years or less and don’t often pop up in the news and in the media as often as Kane has been throughout the last several years. So quite honestly it seems as though he’s here to stay for a while.

He does look like the kind of guy you’d see in a boy band, but to his credit he’s stayed well away from such groups and done just fine on his own.

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