The Five Best Songs from the John Wick Soundtrack

There were a few people that didn’t understand the fuss about John Wick when it first came out since those folks likely didn’t think that anything with Keanu Reeves had much of a fighting chance any longer. But huh boy were they wrong, since John Wick is a movie that not only features a dangerous and killer soundtrack, but is also an experience that reminds people that Reeves is not just the type of guy that can spout a few catchphrases and star in a few romantic movies here and there. He’s also the guy that can bring the heat and look good doing it as he delivers a smackdown of epic proportions on those that decide to get on his bad side by killing his dog and smashing up his car while stealing the other one. If you’re not on John’s level then stealing from him is bad enough, but killing the dog that his dying wife sent to him is sure to get his attention, and that’s the last thing that anyone should want.

Here are a few of the best tracks from the movie.

5. Evil Man Blues

John is, quite simply, a nightmare to whoever has to try and take him out. A lot of people might think he’s just a man and can be killed like any other, and they’re right. But it’s getting to that point that’s the hard part since John isn’t the type to just sit there and let you be the end of him. This is a guy that can calmly and coolly dispatch as many people as you can send against him and keep on coming until he reaches his final objective, which is usually someone that can’t fight on their own and has to send a small army of killers at John to try and slow him down. You can see how well that works in the movie.

4. Chop Shop

So you steal a car from a guy you think is a nobody and then try to take it to a shop where the car is known, and so is the man you stole it from. Aurelio didn’t exactly tell Iosef just who the car belonged to, but his reaction should have been enough to get Iosef’s attention since you don’t just attack someone in such a manner for doing something that they’re normally known for doing. The mere fact that Iosef still thought he had the upper hand at the end of this exchange shows that he was a stupid kid that had no idea just why people feared John Wick in such a manner, nor why he should have just taken off running from the start.

3. Lure the Wolf

Actually taunting a man like John Wick is almost like daring death come collect. John isn’t the guy you deny or dare when it comes to a target, as chances are he’s going to find a way to not only acquire his target, but take out anyone that’s in his way while doing it. This is the type of person that you simply don’t plan for, no matter how airtight you might think your defenses are. John’s a person that’s made of sheer will and persistence and the fact that Iosef thought his father’s men could help him is a sure sign that he had no idea just what kind of a demon was coming for him, or that he should have at least tried to arm himself at all times.

2. The Red Circle

A killer is on your trail and you decide to go party and enjoy yourself, great idea. Most people that learned that someone like John Wick was on their tail would likely go running into the distance as if the devil was chasing them and gaining. But Iosef, proving that he was the spoiled son of a notorious mob boss, thought he was all good and secured and decided it was okay to drinking and enjoy himself. It’s a wonder that the writers let the character live so long since really he was kind of an annoying little scamp from the start. In fact Theon Greyjoy had more guts than this kid when it came time to handle business.

1. Warehouse Smackdown

On the one hand a warehouse setting seems like it would be perfect for security measures and to keep a weathered eye out for trouble. On the other hand, there’s simply too much to watch and too many chances of missed opportunities and hidden areas to check to really be sure that an assassin unlike any other might be creeping up on you. Add onto that the fact that the assassin is a skilled sniper and you’ve got the kind of trouble that should make you want to eat a bullet just to take away his chance at revenge.

Oh yes, John Wick is the man.

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