The Five Best Sean Bean Movies of His Career

The Five Best Sean Bean Movies of His Career

The running joke that’s been around for a while when it comes to Sean Bean is that whatever he’s in he’s bound to die in since it would seem that he holds one of the biggest records for dying on screen out of anyone. That’s kind of a disservice to Sean since he’s a great actor and has proven it on many occasions, but it’s actually pretty accurate since in a lot of movies he does meet his end in some way, shape, or form that might have been prevented. Sometimes though his death carries a pretty heavy meaning since his character either had it coming or it came in the form of a sacrifice that meant a great deal to the people he was with at the time. He’s been a strong actor for a long time and it’s not hard to see why since he’s good at what he does and he creates characters that are so believable that in some instances you can’t wait for the character to die, or you lament their passing as though they were a real person. Oh Ned, we barely knew thee.

Here are his five best movies.

5. Ronin

Ronin’s kind of an odd movie since it has a group of very well-known and great actors, but it wasn’t given a whole lot of hype before it was put on the shelf. The main gist of the movie is easy enough to figure out, six strangers from different backgrounds come together to pull off a heist but don’t know what’s in the container they’re trying to retrieve. There’s a lot of double-dealing and backstabbing throughout the movie but it’s entertaining enough to keep up with. Surprise though, Bean doesn’t die in this movie, though he does get humiliated since he’s not the expert that he poses as, which is easy enough to tell after a while.

4. Don’t Say A Word

Maybe Scott Tobias of AV Club and I saw different things in this movie since it doesn’t seem so much hilarious as it does terrifying if you’re a parent and enough to warrant a healthy feeling of disgust for the villains who will do anything to get what they want. It does have a very simplified plot so as not to confuse the viewer, that much is true, but it’s also the kind of movie that seems like could have been a little deeper had it just gone a bit more into Brittany Murphy’s part, or explained Sean’s role a bit more since otherwise he does seem like a common jewel thief that wants what was his and is bound to do anything to get it back.

3. Goldeneye

This was kind of a fun movie since honestly James Bond is rarely dull considering that he lives a pretty busy life. But being betrayed by one of his own fellows, that’s harsh. Of course this movie could have gone into a little more depth by seeking to anticipate every one of Bond’s movements and making it clear that whoever he was dealing with knew him like no one else could. Maybe that would have been a little too obvious, but it still would have been kind of cool. That being said though it was kind of a nice surprise to find that Bean hadn’t died right away but was just waiting for his chance to come back, y’know, so he could die again.

2. Troy

While this movie is entertaining and does have a lot of action to it a lot of historians are still torn over whether this was a flight of fancy or if the war really took place as some of them think. It’s enough to make a person’s head spin since Achilles and Ulysses and even Hector have been made into legendary figures, though their actual history seems to be riddled with incidents and happenings that paint them in less of a positive light. In this movie at least we can get the idea that they were awesome in some regard since the actors played their parts beautifully and, wouldn’t you know it, Ulysses survived to tell the tale.

1. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Boromir was kind of a hard guy to like since he was too much like his father, which is established in the third movie to be honest. He meant well since he wanted to protect his land and his people, but his way of going about things was kind of heavy-handed and it was a little too obvious the ring would have worked him over as it did Isildur. In the end though he did go out like a hero trying to save Merry and Pippin, and with two or three arrows sunk into your body it can’t be easy to keep chopping opponents down left and right, but he did just that.

He’s a fun character to watch no matter what happens.

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