The Five Best Romance Movies from 2010-Present

Have you ever noticed how the current romance movies tend to build off of more than just the intimate feelings that people have for one another? A lot of them from the year 2010 on have been wrapped around a core of such powerful emotions that it’s been easy to relate with some of them but it’s also been a mirror into our lives that isn’t always realistic but is at the very least kind of depressing when you think about the story itself. Love is after all just as destructive and invasive as anything else, the only difference is that it’s supposed to bring a great deal of pleasure to both recipients if it’s true. Yet for all there’s so much more to this emotion than the positive feelings that are expected when one person feels a genuine attraction to another. Love is a complex system of feelings that tears you down even as it builds you up.

Here are some of the best romances from the previous years.

5. About Time

If your father told you that you could travel back in time you’d look at him funny, wouldn’t you? Some of us might think of it as a gift, but then again some might take the time to realize that the more you go back and change, the less you’re going to recognize when you finally reach the present once again. That’s the downside of it after all, but the upside is that you might be able to go back and redefine your life in a way that is far more fitting to what you wanted than what actually happened in the first place. Traveling through time to assure love is plentiful in your life sounds great, but there are a few big caveats that go with it.

4. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

There are times in life when love is less of a physical thing and more of something we need in a soulful and very companionable sense. The physicality of it is great for many, but for Charlie it seems to cause a shift in his mood that is not altogether conducive to his mental health. With Sam and Patrick he feels that he can be himself and finally come out of the social stupor he’s been in for so long, but as life moves along and they have to go their separate ways he can’t help but fall back into depression until it’s discovered that he was molested by a family member and has nearly erased the memory. It would explain a great deal about his personality to be honest, and why being intimate is so difficult.

3. Silver Linings Playbook

A good romance usually doesn’t focus on just the love aspect between two people and this movie certainly went wide of that mark until it was time to come back and focus intently on the relationship that built between the two main characters. Pat was a mess when the film started and throughout the movie he had to learn, sometimes the hard way, how to become an acceptable part of society once again. His journey was aided however by Tiffany, who was just as much of a mess as he was, but found in him and their budding relationship a balance that, while not perfect, was something she could gradually come to trust.

2. The Fault in Our Stars

There is something so inherently tragic about the love we feel when the end is so close that we can feel that door opening to the next life. Yet for all that, there is still the need to love, to live, and to experience happiness with someone while we’re here so as not to meet that final breath alone. Hazel and Augustus, both cancer-ridden and both well aware that their days carried a very definite number, more so than many others, still chose to live with the fear of death hanging over them, but in a manner that denied the fatality of it with each added breath they took. We all have a deadline to meet at the end, but filling those days until it comes is far more important than sitting around and wondering when it will arrive.

1. La La Land

How we want to be with others is not always what we get, and the fantasy that we envision is not always the reality that comes along. It’s so easy to love someone sometimes, but the effort needed to keep that love alive is something that people must be willing to work, fight, and even die for if need be if it’s going to work. Unfortunately some folks see the differences just as strongly as they see the similarities and it drives a wedge between them before the necessary bond can strengthen sufficiently.

Romances in this day and age aren’t any less infused with love and devotion as any other era, but they do keep with the times.

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