Shazam 2 Has Been Announced: Here’s What we Know

Shazam 2 Has Been Announced: Here’s What we Know

Shazam 2 Has Been Announced: Here’s What we Know

It’s not much of a shock that there will be a Shazam! 2 since the first one was received pretty well and did manage to light up the DC universe in a way. According to Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb fans were pumped to hear that the character would be coming back again and didn’t seem to mind that production would start sometime in 2020. The first movie gave us a pretty good look at Billy Batson and his transformation into the super-powerful character of Shazam! but it also showed us a very realistic view of how a teenager would go about becoming a superhero since the powers he was given were a little too tempting at times to show off. The fact that it made the character grow up a bit and come to grips with the responsibility of what he’d been given was a nice touch since it told a great story and built up a sequence of events that could easily continue that story for another round or possible more. At this point it does sound as though Zachary Levi will be coming back to take up the role again but there’s not much other information at the moment since it sounds as though the project just recently got the green light.

It’s kind of fair to say that some folks didn’t expect a whole lot from the first movie since DC hasn’t really been cranking out a wealth of impressive titles apart from Wonder Woman and Aquaman. But Shazam! did manage to entertain a lot of people and even kept things grounded just enough that many people could relate to Billy at times. The foster family he went to was also a great touch since it helped to humanize him even further and keep him humbled just a bit when it came time for him to become a superhero. Some folks might think they know a lot about Shazam! but it’s likely that they didn’t have much of a clue as to what he’s all about since there is a great deal more to him than the lightning bolt on his chest, the cape, and the red suit. In fact this guy is on par with a lot of the heavy hitters in the DC universe and has been seen to match some of the most powerful. Fraser Sherman of ScreenRant has a few things that people could learn about the hero.

There’s a lot of material that can be used with Shazam since he’s been around for a long, long time and has tussled with heroes and villains alike. It was interesting to see him squaring off with the seven deadly sins in the first movie but many people are hoping to see him take on Black Adam even though from a combat standpoint one of the biggest and baddest enemies that Shazam has ever had is Black Adam. It does sound though as though Dwayne Johnson might have a lock on a Black Adam movie first so it might not be feasible to think that the sequel to Shazam would feature that enemy just yet. But perhaps it would be another good chance to break him into the DC universe since the Superman reveal at the end of the first movie was kind of nice. As of late though it does appear that DC has been kind of soured on the whole idea of creating a unified universe since at this point things haven’t been going so well as the Justice League movie showed. Maybe one day DC will get their act together and find a way to make it work, but until then standalone movies tend to do the trick since Joker is proof of that and the faith that enough people have in the upcoming Batman movie is another hint that folks are starting to like the idea of keeping the movies separate for now. Of course sooner or later the heroes and villains are going to have to meet, and at that point it’s a big hope that things can finally come together in a big way again so as to make sure that the DCEU doesn’t go down without one epic fight. At this point the MCU still has the upper hand when it comes to overall movies, but DC is still hanging on since they have the TV shows and are gradually gaining ground when it comes to the movies.

It’s a good bet that Shazam 2 won’t be coming out until 2021 given the fact that there’s so much going on at this moment that trying to push another movie out in the next year would be a huge mistake. But when it does start to roll you can bet that you’ll be able to see more and more on the ideas as they come to fruition.

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