The Five Best Leslie Mann Movies of Her Career

Leslie Mann seems like a very sarcastic character most of the time, which almost leads to people think that she’s been typecast more than once since this is her general attitude in many movies. And yet despite that this is how people have come to know her throughout her career thus far since it seems to work and it does tend to open up into a very pleasing arc for each character she’s played. While not all of her characters have this general composure she does tend to have that look and the possible snarky behavior down to a tee since she can do it so well. But that’s a big part of her charm it would seem since she doesn’t quite seem like the innocent individual that can get away with anything, but the person with that particular gleam in her eye that you can have fun with but need to watch a little more carefully than others. Of course, that’s always a matter of perception.

Here are some of her best movies to date.

5. George of the Jungle

Created from one of the cartoons that people might hear about on occasion but don’t remember as much, George of the Jungle was a nice movie to come along with Brendan Fraser was still young and in shape enough to play the role and was still considered to be a big deal. As Ursula, George’s love interest, Mann had to play a kind of ditzy young woman that was engaged to a narcissistic socialite to begin with but eventually wound up falling in love with George after a chance meeting. George, who had never seen a woman before Ursula, eventually wound up falling for her as well, and as you might guess the story had a happy ending.

4. Funny People

There’s just something wrong with a guy that can’t seem to understand that the woman he lost so long ago is married with kids and therefore unavailable, but that’s the gist of it in this movie. Adam Sandler’s character is a guy that just can’t stop thinking about himself and what he wants rather than what anyone else wants. So thinking he tries to win back the love of his life no matter how wrong it is and ends up not only causing damage to her family but to the friendship that he should have been nurturing with the guy that was trying to help him out. It takes a while, but things do even out in this movie.

3. Knocked Up

She plays more of a bit part in this movie but she’s still around enough to be noticed since she is the sister who seems to have her life in order no matter that her husband is kind of oblivious to her and what she wants. But when her sister gets pregnant and the father is someone that she would have hoped that her sister would have stayed away from she’s eventually put in her place by the guy when it comes time for the kid to be born since he finally decides to step up and be the kind of person that’s needed to raise a child. At the very least he gains her respect and proves that he’s worth keeping around.

2. Blockers

Ever notice how, as parents, we don’t worry about sons so much as we do about daughters? Prom night is perhaps one of the hardest nights to just let go of those parental restrictions since by this time kids have become fully-grown teenagers and are bound and determined to have fun in any way they can. It might not always be agreeable to the parents but if any of us can remember back to the days when we would torment our parents, perhaps unknowingly, it should come as no surprise that we would have kids that would do the same to us. Try as you might, you can’t keep your kids from growing up.

1. This Is 40

Some people are actually kind of scared of growing up, so scared in fact that they get pretty depressed about it since the truth is, you’re not young anymore. The music you listened to back in the day is considered old, you’re considered old if you do certain things, act a certain way, and you’re certainly old to your kids since they’re young and vibrant and full of life whereas you might be ready to call it a day as the evening rolls in. But one good thing about being 40 or turning 40 is that if you have someone to do it with you then there’s a good chance that you can still enjoy it and realize that you might have a lot of fun years left no matter how old you’re going to get.

Leslie Mann is just fun and funny to watch, snarky or not.

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