The Five Best Kevin Hart Movies of His Career

The Five Best Kevin Hart Movies of His Career

The Five Best Kevin Hart Movies of His Career

How you view Kevin Hart kind of depends on how much you like his comedy and the way that he needs to constantly yell when he’s on screen. He does have kind of an annoying voice at times but he can be a good actor all the same. His stand-up routines are insanely funny and the ways he looks at people can be hilarious. In truth he might need a little more time as an actor to be someone that people really respond to on a universal level but so far he’s put in some good performances that aren’t too bad. Again it’s all a matter of how much you like the guy, just as it is with a lot of other actors that people tend to dislike or absolutely love. As he’s gotten older though Hart has really started putting in more work and has shown that he does have the skills necessary to make different roles work for him.

Here are a few of those roles that he’s done that seem to have worked out.

5. The Secret Life of Pets

Snowball was crazy, there’s no point in saying anything else about the character other than he was a nutjob that was entertaining and had his own little spotlight in the movie. But the whole idea that a pack of sewer animals was being led by a cute little cottontail was kind of amusing since it meant that he was somehow the most dangerous out of all of them despite the fact that he was still cute, cuddly, and no natural defenses when compared to the rest of the creatures that followed his lead. He didn’t even possess the level of smarts that it took to outwit a couple of dogs lost in the city, but he was still fun to watch.

4. The 40-Year Old Virgin

You can’t really say that this was his movie since it was technically Steve Carrell’s movie given that he was the main character. But during this one scene he was one of the more entertaining individuals in the film largely because of his presence and the way he held himself. When it comes to being condescending and absolutely rude you don’t always tend to think of Kevin Hart since his characters usually come off as kind of desperate and even a bit apologetic at times. But when he does try his little street thug act it comes off as insanely funny and even petulant if that’s the right word. Let me think: yes, yes it is.

3. Grudge Match

The little guy that tries to promote a fight between two over the hill boxers is a role that is specially suited to someone like Hart because he’s got a big mouth and doesn’t know when to use it and when to just stay quiet, at least in the movies. You could say that he’s got kind of a Napoleon complex when he’s in the movies since he’s not the biggest guy, in fact he’s hardly ever the biggest guy, and his mouth just doesn’t stop running at a mile a minute. But there’s a lot of comedy coming out of that mouth as he unveils one joke after another and practices his one-liners with rapid fire precision.

2. Jumanji

Think of a fight between a Great Dane and a Springer Spaniel and you might get the gist of how uneven this particular fight scene is. Of course it’s ironic since the younger characters that are playing the Jumanji avatars are completely opposite of their characters, in which case Fridge would annihilate Spencer. In the world of Jumanji though Spencer is the immovable object and Fridge is just, well, he’s a short black man that can slapped across the way with barely any effort. In terms of abilities when it comes to characters Hart’s character really got the short end of the stick, no pun intended, really.

1. Night School

Ever been to night school? It’s not all that it’s cracked up to be since it’s on your own initiative and a lot of the teachers don’t really care since they see it as a term of service rather than a joy. But it is an advantage given that it works out with a lot of peoples’ schedules and allows them to move on to a new career or further their current career. In the movie however you can imagine that Kevin Hart is the kind of guy that just wants it right now and with as much ease as he can possibly get it, but that’s just not the way that education works. If you want it then you’ve got to work for it.

He is a very funny guy and he does manage to put in a good performance, but his popularity is highly dependent on people actually wanting to see him.

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