The Five Best CW Arrowverse Crossovers Ever

The Five Best CW Arrowverse Crossovers Ever

The Five Best CW Arrowverse Crossovers Ever

Ever since Arrow became the big standout hit that people wanted on the CW it was evident that things were never going to stay put just the way they were. Crossovers in the comics are after all bound to happen, so why not in TV? While the crossovers don’t always work as well as the comics that give rise to them do on their own, they do invite a great and very useful collaboration between heroes and villains that sometimes helps to better explain the universe in which they exist. In bringing everyone into the mix you get a better idea of just how every hero and villain operates within the same space and how they interact with one another. It’s been seen that Arrow doesn’t really work well with a lot of people for various reasons, but when the chips are down Oliver does tend to make peace and play nice.

Here are some of the best crossovers from the Arrowverse.

5. Star City 2046

This one was great simply because it takes a much darker look into a world where Star City is in ruins and the criminals run just about everything. Green Arrow has been all but forgotten and is now an old and bitter man that’s missing an arm and has a rather poor attitude. What’s even more enticing about this episode is that it’s apparent that we could be looking a very possible future, though as a lot of us know by now the future in comic book series tends to fluctuate wildly given that once it’s looked at something is going to change without fail. Still, seeing Oliver as an old man doesn’t seem to diminish him all that much.

4. World’s Finest

Even heroes aren’t immune to everything it seems since it takes Batwoman to come in and put Flash and Green Arrow down and remind them just who they are and that they’re fighting each other instead of their darkest enemies. But seeing as how this brought Batwoman into the picture you can bet that people were clambering to know whether or not she’d be taking on her own show eventually, and while the answer is obviously yes people had to wait for a little while before the rumors were finally proven true. But now that she’s here it’s going to be interesting to see how she matches up to the rest of them.

3. Flash vs. Arrow

Normally in the comics it would seem as though Green Arrow wouldn’t have a chance against the Flash. Both of them are intelligent but the Flash is simply too quick for Oliver to really track, though he does possess a few other tricks up his sleeve. The whole idea of Flash being out of control at this point though is that if he’s not ready to take his foot off the gas then there aren’t a lot of heroes that stand much of a chance since with his speed he can literally run circles around anyone and pummel them into the ground before they even know what hit them. But of course there was always a plan in mind to remedy this situation, right?

2. Elseworlds

Sometimes it takes more than just one hero for the job, particularly when there’s a villain on the loose that can warp reality and has the kind of power at his disposal that can take on even the mightiest heroes that one world has to offer. But then the strength of the heroes doesn’t always lie in what one or two of them can do. Instead it’s all about a concentrated team effort that can bring about the desired result and therefore prove that having an ace in the hole, or simply someone that the bad guy didn’t see coming, is absolutely invaluable. It always pays to have the right weapon at hand too though.

1. Crisis on Earth-X

When villains crossover it’s hardly ever a good thing since the mayhem they tend to do on their own is nothing compared to the mayhem they can accomplish when they band together. Perhaps the best thing about villains getting together however is that eventually they tend to self-destruct since the nature of being a villain tends to mean that they don’t work well with others and won’t often strive for the same goal, or at least won’t agree on how to get there. That makes the job of the heroes a bit easier but it can make it a lot more challenging too since instead of going after one baddie they might have to go after several.

Crossovers are great in the sense that they show us a lot more of an expanded universe rather than tiptoe around the question of why heroes aren’t seen together more often. But now and again it’s nice to just see one story instead of several being played out at once.

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