The Five Best Alicia Silverstone Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Alicia Silverstone Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Alicia Silverstone Movies of Her Career

There was a time when Alicia Silverstone was every young man’s dream girl and one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. Well, to be honest she’s still quite attractive but she’s nowhere near as active or as popular as she used to be, but she definitely hasn’t faded off completely. Back in the day though she was someone you would see in music videos, movies, and just about anywhere and everywhere you could think to find her. The kind of fame she had was something that kind of came with the 90s since this was her heyday and the biggest reason why she was popular was because she had massive sex appeal and wasn’t a bad actress. But there were really only a handful of movies that made her this popular and you can probably guess at least a couple of them since they helped to make her career. The others weren’t bad but they definitely didn’t measure up, even though as I’ve said she hasn’t faded out entirely.

Here are five of the best movies of Alicia’s career.

5. Hideaway

Dean Koontz is just as good at the mind-trip as Stephen King is sometimes since this whole thing turns out to be one giant dream sequence, or so it seems. When a killer sacrifices himself in a ritualistic suicide his soul is sent to hell, but when a father and husband dies and comes back he’s somehow connected to the killer. It’s only when he begins to find out more about the killer that he realizes what’s going on, and by that point the killer has kidnapped his daughter, played by Silverstone, and has taken her to an amusement park to draw her father out. Eventually the bad guy is beaten and things go back to normal, or so it might seem.

4. Excess Baggage

It’s one thing to try and get some attention by ‘kidnapping’ yourself, but it’s another thing when a car thief comes along and takes off with the kidnapped ‘victim’ still in the trunk, bound up and ready to be saved. Fortunately when he finds out what’s happened the whole story kind of becomes a fun thrill ride since as you can imagine the young woman is doing whatever she can to be seen by her father and if that includes being an outlaw then so be it, right? This was the kind of movie that we saw a lot of in the 90s and it usually turned out that the kidnapped individual wound up coming to understand the crook or fell in love with them eventually.

3. Blast from the Past

Imagine spending the first thirty years of your life in an underground bunker since your father mistakenly believed that a jet crashing into your home had heralded the dreaded missile strikes that were expected at any moment during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Now imagine that the young man who comes up into the world for the first time has no idea what he’s seeing or even what year it is, and you’ll get an idea of just how amazing such an experience can be. No one in their right mind would believe that someone had been living in a bunker for three decades, but given the behavior the young man in question exhibited it’s not such a difficult story to accept.

2. The Crush

Young love is such a carefree thing, unless it’s felt for a much older individual that can’t possibly love the other person back. This is the dilemma of Darian, who loves a man that is renting a home from her father and likes her, but is not in love with her. When she figures out that he doesn’t want her and that he actually has a girlfriend, huh boy. The claws come out and the crazy goes full tilt as she goes off the rails and makes his life absolutely miserable. To be honest this movie would be one of those that might actually do well with a remake since it seems as though it would fit into the current era perfectly.

1. Clueless

You had to know this was coming, you just HAD to know. Clueless is after all what Alicia Silverstone is most known for since it was the one movie that really launched her career to its peak, since it obviously wasn’t her time in Batman and Robin. But as a young high school woman with great fashion sense and, well, not much other sense, she was the kind of individual that a lot of other young women found entertaining and worth emulating, at least to a degree. The movie itself was something else, meaning that it might have made some people laugh and others cringe, but it’s definitely one of those that we’ve remembered throughout the years.

Ah yes, the 90s were certainly good to Alicia.

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