Spawn Reboot Director Todd McFarlane Says It Will Be Darker Than the Original

Spawn Reboot Director Todd McFarlane Says It Will Be Darker Than the Original

Spawn Reboot Director Todd McFarlane Says It Will Be Darker Than the Original

If you know anything about the antihero Spawn then you know that he’s not the nicest guy in the world. He has his soft side obviously but the only ones that get to see it are those that he seeks to protect, and even they don’t get to see it that often. Well if you thought he was dark to begin with then the new Spawn reboot should blow your mind. Creator Todd McFarlane is fully dedicated to bringing out the darkest nature of the uncertain superhero in this new reboot and it’s bound to be something that’s more on par with the comic than original movie ever was.

The original movie starring Michael Jai White, John Leguizamo, and Martin Sheen as the primary bad guy was simply dreadful without needing to be kind or understanding. The effects were cheesy despite being nearly top of the line, and the dialogue was horrible. In short it looked like a movie that was a cross between an attempt to make Spawn more kid-friendly and a movie mean to show just how awesome his cape could be.

Yep, that’s right, his cape is a lot more awesome in some regards than the original movie character since it at least could do some very cool things. It could hide him from view, it could help him glide or even fly for a short period of time, and it could solidify into a stationary object that was hard enough to wreck and oncoming tanker truck with a full head of steam. The cape that Spawn has in the comics and in the movie was awesome, it’s just too bad the character couldn’t live up to the hype.

The story of Spawn is a little difficult to figure out at times but is easy enough if you’ve ever read one of the comics. The hellish creatures that come after Spawn are evil for the most part and are to be destroyed on sight, but the heavenly creatures and agents that seek to eliminate him are also considered enemies and no matter how good he acts or what he does they’re bent on his destruction. It’s a very black and white world he lives in where the only gray that exists is in the alley where he tends to reside. Almost a king of the homeless Al Simmons uses the power he was given by his dreaded master to do good rather than evil, striking out at anyone and everyone that would dare to harm his friends or family, whom he has been seen to watch over from time to time.

But quite honestly the movie dealt Spawn a very heavy blow since it did not  cast him in a good light and almost turned people off entirely from the franchise. Thankfully a lot of people are a little more forgiving, especially the fans, and will no doubt think about sitting down to watch the reboot when it finally comes out. That’s only issue right now though, since the reboot was started in 2009 and was said to be coming out soon as of 2013. Whether we’ll have to wait another eight to nine years to hear word about it is still in question.


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