The Dead Zone is Apparently Getting a Reboot

The Dead Zone is Apparently Getting a Reboot

The Dead Zone is Apparently Getting a Reboot

The title is optimistic but it’s fair to say that at one point it’s bound to happen, it’s just not for certain going to happen with Blumhouse, since Jason Blum has attempted to get the rights to The Dead Zone and hasn’t had any success yet. Blumhouse will be taking on Christine and Firestarter, two other popular Stephen King stories, but until someone relents or another production company is selected, The Dead Zone is staying where it’s at. Given the fact that many of King’s stories have been getting the reboot or remake treatment over the past several years, it’s fair to believe that this will happen eventually, it’s just not certain who will be given the chance to bring this particular tale back to the people. Among Stephen King’s many different tales this is one of the least scary, to be honest, but it’s still one of the most compelling since the movie that was made decades ago was actually a lot of fun. Starring Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen, the movie was one of those that many people enjoyed and some felt could have been better, but it’s aged fairly well since the main concept isn’t lost on anyone in this day and age. 

Some folks still cringe when they hear that a Stephen King story is being adapted since, despite the fact that several of King’s stories becoming great movies or TV shows, there are those moments that have been less than effective. The ending of It: Chapter Two is a good example, as is the ending of The Stand limited series that was on CBS All Access. But one great aspect of The Dead Zone was that the book and the movie had moderate to successful endings, which is hard to find in a King story all the time. It’s been mentioned in plenty of articles, but the fact is that some of King’s greatest stories tend to end in a very lackadaisical manner that several fans have decided to ignore while others have been more than a little vocal about it. 

At the moment the idea is on Jason Blum’s wish list and nothing more, but it wouldn’t be too surprising to see this idea continue to develop into something that might hit the big screen or at the very least a streaming channel in the months and years to come. As of now, it would appear that plenty of King’s other stories are being developed, since we’re still waiting on a few of them, such as Firestarter and a few others. For a while it felt as though The Dead Zone had met an end that might have been earned since the TV show came out swinging, only to end up being taken off the air not long after it started up. As a TV show, it’s fair to say that this idea was tempting since it implied that Johnny wouldn’t have died at the end of the story, but would have continued forward to utilize his ability to see the future in future episodes. There’s only one problem with that, and it’s the fact that people didn’t really buy into it. 

That’s not too surprising really since this comes off as the kind of story that’s not exactly designed to become a series. It wasn’t a truly horrible idea, but it was likely tough to adapt and it didn’t exactly leave a pleasant end in sight no matter how things might have gone. Just imagine being able to see someone’s future every time you touched them, and then imagine the horrible things that a person would have to be subjected to over and over as they had to deal with the idea of never touching anyone again and possibly becoming a recluse, or experiencing dozens of godawful visions per day if they so much as brushed up against someone accidentally. It’s easy to think that one could stay away from people easily enough since touching random people in this day and age isn’t something that a lot of people are bound to do, but like it or not, contact between people does happen from time to time, and while not every future is bound to be negative and horrific, there’s a good chance that a person might still feel uncomfortable seeing what’s about to happen to people they don’t even know. 

The initial movie was pretty good to be certain, and the ending was great since, despite the fact that the protagonist did die, he did so in the process of making certain that the wrong man didn’t become president after a vision he received of the man, played by Sheen, preparing to start what might have been another war. In other words, he decided to change the vision, and he did as the character of the antagonist was revealed when he was under threat. It would be great to see a faithful reboot, but it’s not certain when it will happen. 

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