The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Pam Continues Her Games

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Pam Continues Her Games

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are a little bit surprised by Brooke’s reaction to Hope’s news. She told her mother that Liam shared with her that it was Taylor who shot bill, and Brooke is shocked and surprised. But, really, we are not buying that at all. She doesn’t really feel that kind of shock and awe over the entire situation. She knows better than that. She knows darn well this woman is totally capable of this, and we just aren’t buying any of this act she’s got going on right now. She is not all that shocked about this and we all know it. She knows that Taylor is completely capable of that kind of behavior when she wants to be, and there is nothing about that we find shocking at all. She’s a mom who will do anything to protect her daughter — the exact same way that Brooke would do for her own daughter.

Liam is also on the same page as everyone by Steffy when it comes to Taylor. He does not want his baby’s grandmother around her for fear that she will do something awful and terrible to her. We, on the other hand, feel that she’s being more than a little bit ridiculous with all of this. She is nothing short of a total mess, and that’s all there is to it. She’s a disaster, and it’s not something we can help in the least, but she’s not going to hurt baby Kelly at all. She’s not that person, and she’s not that bad. But Liam is trying to do the same thing as everyone else, which is talk his father into sending her to jail to keep his own baby safe. That’s not working for us at all, though, and we don’t like it.

What’s Happening on The Bold and the Beautiful

If that doesn’t make you just a little bit more excited that just about anything else, we just don’t know what will. This is everything we’ve been looking for and waiting on. Tune in so you can see it for yourself.

What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

Pam is going to continue her games, and we are having a good time with those. She’s not all that happy with Quinn. She’s not a fan, and she only made things worse for herself and Pam when she recently had a fit over a painting. And that’s not good for Eric’s wife. He is someone who has had Pam working for him so long that she’s more part of the family than his own wife is, and Pam is using that to her advantage right now. She’s gotten Donna a job working with her and mended their own fences so she and Donna can work together to get him to leave his wife and get back together with Donna. It’s not something that Quinn wants to see happen, but they are working very hard to make sure that it does just that. They hate her, and they will do any and everything that they can to make sure it works for him.

And that’s not all. Brooke is not happy with Taylor, and they are going to have a discussion that will be anything but kind. But we have a suspicion that they might just end this conversation on a good note. They might find a way to speak nicely to one another in the moment. They are on the same page, after all, and we suspect that this might be one of those moments they are able to focus on one another and what they don’t want for their daughters more than their issues.

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