The Best Uses of Smokey Robinson Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Smokey Robinson Songs in Movies or TV

Smokey Robinson is the kind of person that was great as a student and was a stellar athlete but was drawn to something else that caught his attention when he was younger, that being music. He didn’t want to do anything other than become a musician and thanks to his ambition and dedication he eventually became someone that a lot of people looked up to and wanted to be like when they first started out. His initial run at success didn’t go too well since the first auditions weren’t anything to really talk about. But he was still able to impress the right people when it came to the fact that he’d already written so many songs that it was obvious he was serious about his career and would do what it took in order to make his choice work for him. Eventually he became one of the greatest musicians alive thanks to the fact that he didn’t give up when he failed and was more than ready to get back up and go at it again.

Here are a few of his songs that have appeared in movies and TV.

5. Smokey Robinson – My Girl

This song has shown up in a large number of movies and TV shows and to be honest it was hard to pick one from the list. But Mannequin is a movie that I’ve always felt was kind of left in the dust when it was released and deserved a bit more attention since the story is actually kind of interesting and touching in way. When a young woman from Egypt prays to the gods to take her away from a life that she no longer wants they seem to answer her as they transport her through time and encase her in the body of a mannequin pieced together by an ambitious young sculptor that is down on his luck but searching for his big break. When she comes to life he can’t help but think he’s going crazy, though as the story progresses she explains to him why she appears to only him, and by the end of the movie she’s become real once again.

4. Hidden Figures – Mighty Good Lovin’

Hidden Figures is the story of several women that worked for NASA crunching numbers and doing the kind of work that so many men have taken credit for over the years. It’s the type of story that might open your eyes and make your blood burn just a little since the idea that anyone would take credit for another person’s work without giving them their due acknowledgement, based solely on the fact that men didn’t like to admit that women could be smarter than them back in the day. That alone seems like it should have been seen as a huge injustice, but then you’ve got to read the history and get everything straight just to make sure you’re not flying off the hook when you should instead be entertained and amazed.

3. Youngblood – Get Ready

Youngblood kind of proves that hockey might not be the free for all sport that some people think it is, but it’s not a sport where being nice is going to earn you points with anyone. Like other contact sports it’s a game where the more physical athletes tend to be the more successful since they’re able to stay on the ice longer. Youngblood is a flashy and skilled skater and can score against other teams but going in he’s anything but tough. Throughout the movie he has to learn how to toughen up and how to stand up to the one guy that knocked him down and out the first time they met.

2. Scrooged – I Second That Emotion

Scrooged is close to being one of the most perfect spoofs of A Christmas Carol that you could ever hope for. In some ways it’s not a spoof but an updated version, but you can’t deny that it does take off the original tale and kind of go it’s own direction in a few ways. From the cabbie that disappears through the door of the Cross residence to the fairy that brutalizes Frank from the get-go it’s a hilarious movie that’s meant to wake up the Scrooge in all of us and remind people what it’s like to be human during the holidays and every day after. As far as Bill Murray movies go this was one of his best.

1. Smokey Robinson – The Tears of a Clown

If you were growing up around the time the Wonder Years aired then you probably had a few good laughs with and at Kevin’s expense since he had more than one episode in which he was seen as the guy to laugh at or with. His life wasn’t perfect and neither was his family but in the end they stuck together for the most part and did what they could for each other.

It’s very easy to find a Smokey Robinson song that’s been used in TV or movies, but for some reason it’s hard to find clips.

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