The Best Uses of Nat King Cole Songs in Movies or TV

It almost seems as though there must have been a trend created long ago that allows musicians to drop out of school at various ages in order to pursue their career since Nat King Cole did that at age 15. It might have seemed like an uncertain thing at the time but it became something that was a career and legend in the making since throughout his life he recorded a little over 100 songs, most of which were huge hits that catapulted him to the kind of fame that’s easily called legendary and is also the kind of epic career that many people strive for but never see. To compare him to the artists of today wouldn’t even seem like a fair shake since a lot of those performers of today were inspired by men and women that came before and laid the groundwork for them to really concoct their own music.

Here are some of his songs that have shown up in TV and in movies.

5. Malcolm in the Middle – Papa Loves Mambo

Dewey was the younger brother up until Jamie arrived on the show and as such he was usually the one that got beat up the most, left out the most, and made fun of constantly since despite trying to stay out of the way he was still the youngest and that carries a certain weight that a lot of people know about. But when he got to be a latchkey kid for a little while he was loving it since he got to listen to music as much as he wanted until his brothers got home and the house was pretty much his for a blessed amount of time. But given that he’s part of the family it wasn’t bound to be too long until he started making bad decisions.

4. This Is Us – Straighten Up and Fly Right

The love that’s been shown for this show is simply amazing, not in a negative way but in a manner that is hard to fathom simply because a lot of shows have come and gone throughout the years and didn’t receive the kind of attention this one has in just a short time. But it’s also something that’s touched a lot of people in a very special place and has hit upon nerves within society that seemed lacking in other programs. It could also have something to do with the cast and the overall subjects that are covered, but something about this show makes it seem as though it was extra special when it first came out.

3. The Incredibles 2 – The Party’s Over

People will no doubt argue with this point but the second film, while still good enough to be considered as worth watching, was kind of lacking in content as opposed to the first one. The villain wasn’t quite as scary, the stakes weren’t quite as high, and quite honestly it didn’t have the revealing nature of the first one. Remember what happened between Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the second movie, the Secret of the Ooze? It’s kind of like that in a way, as though the filmmakers decided to tone down the content to a level that parents would appreciate while at the same time muting the effect that the movie would have on the audience.

2. Breaking Bad – Pick Yourself Up

The fan base for this show was nothing less than maniacal when it really got going. A lot of folks didn’t know how to react to be honest when it first came out since Bryan Cranston was still the lovable but goofy Hal from Malcolm in the Middle to a lot of people. But taking on the persona of Walter White as he changed throughout the program was something that swung a lot of people over to this show and converted even more as he fell deeper and deeper into the role of Heisenberg and kept digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself as he continued to get involved with one dangerous entity after another.

1. Take the Lead – Fascination

The movie probably fabricated a few things and glammed up a few others but the work of Pierre Dulaine is something that you can’t deny has a lot of merit in schools and is a way to teach kids discipline as well as allow them to have fun while they’re doing it. The movie has him taking on a classroom of delinquents that the school has just about given up on and teaching them, through dance, the ability to believe in themselves, trust themselves, and others, and to look beyond the attitudes they’ve developed and those that the system has insisted they adopt. In a way he gave them back their confidence and allowed them a chance to show what they could do when given the opportunity.

Nat King Cole’s music has been used in a very wide spectrum and continues to be utilized to great effect.

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