The Flash: Main Theme A Violin Cover by Anastasia Soina

The Flash Season 3 Episode 23 Review: "Finish Line"

I have to admit that I have not watched the newest version of the Flash but I hear a lot of good and neutral things about the show. As a superhero I have to admit that the Flash wasn’t ever one of my favorites but he definitely has his pluses and minuses.  One plus of the show at this point would be the clip below and the beautiful yet haunting rendition that’s being laid on the violin by this amazing woman. Some people might claim that violinists are a dime a dozen depending on where you go but to be noticed in this manner as Anastasia Soina is at this moment is an accomplishment you can’t really deny, and the mere fact that she’s out performing like this is something to be proud about as well.

The Flash has been around and undergone so many different incarnations that he’s kind of an odd hero to talk about since his power set is fairly obvious but there’s also a lot more to him. Being fast isn’t the only thing he’s known for, since he’s also a genius and in some renditions is also inordinately tough. But the current onscreen versions show that he’s not as adept as a fighter as the rest of the superheroes and so you kind of have to wonder what use he is other than his incredible speed and the effects that he can create with it.

Plus, his speed isn’t always an asset as it’s been shown to create a bit of trouble as well in the past. Let’s just think of the physical aspect of the Flash and how his super speed can cause some serious problems. Cue the inspirational yet haunting music yet again while you’re reading.

The Flash travels faster than the speed of light, right? Well think about that when he’s running through a populated area. Light doesn’t bother people so much except when they’re not ready for it, which means you squint your eyes and try to get them used to the sudden brightness. The Flash is a physical being with mass and velocity added together, and he’s moving at such an incredible rate that anything caught in his slipstream is bound to be affected. Normally the slipstream of a smaller object with less mass and velocity won’t do much damage. But the Flash is moving at such a rate that his slipstream could very easily disrupt and severely damage anything left in his wake. Then there’s the effect of the sonic boom that could be produced wherever he goes since he’s traveling so fast.

The pressure waves created by an object moving as fast as the Flash tend to stack until the pressure becomes too much and that distinctive boom is heard. Unfortunately most sonic booms take place in the air thanks to being caused by planes. The Flash is on the ground, as a result the concussive force could quite possibly do a fair amount of damage to any landscape that he happens to be running through. Being fast is great and all but it’s hard to root for someone that could level a building or more just by running past it.



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