The Best Uses of Kendrick Lamar Songs in Movies or TV

Kendrick Lamar is just one more bit of proof that a person isn’t bound to become a product of the place they come from or repeat the mistakes of the past. His father was a member of the gang known as the Gangster Disciples and growing up in Compton it might have seemed that he didn’t have much of a chance to do anything with his life. He lived in section 8 housing and was poor for much of his upbringing but looking at him now it’s easy to see that his talent and his hard work paid off in a big way. Kendrick was also the kind of kid that managed to get straight A’s in school, so it’s easy to see that he’s been the type of person that knows how to put his nose to the grindstone and work to get what he wants. A few of his views seem a bit skewed, but overall he’s proven to be a rather influential person in a musical sense.

Here are some of his songs as put to TV and movies.

5. South Park – Humble

The last thing you would ever expect is to hear a Kendrick Lamar song being sung by a big fat guy by the name of Jim Bob, but in South Park the gloves are usually off and it’s a free for all to see what’s going to happen. Trey Parker and Matt Stone don’t mince words when it comes to putting as many celebrities into the chaotic mix that is their show, and it’s been seen for years that they also don’t seem to mind the fact that they might actually tick a few people off in the process. But if you can’t laugh at yourself or someone else’s rendition of one of your songs then you might need to check your sense of humor.

4. The Hangover Part III – F**kin’ Problems

Leslie Chow was, in the first and second movies, just flat out crazy and not a person to be trusted. Well, in the third one he’s really not trustworthy since no matter if the guys are being nice to him or trying to turn him over to his enemy he’s as unpredictable as ever and only seems to regard Allen as his confidante. Of course that’s likely because Allen is less than receptive when it comes to realizing that Chow is absolutely nuts and won’t bother with anyone unless he can control them in some manner. The only way that Chow is ever out of anyone’s life for good it seems is if he’s dead and gone, and even then his memory seems to haunt people.

3. Divergent – Backwards

In a time when people are divided into several different categories based on their skill set, anyone possessing more than one skill set is deemed to be dangerous since they can’t be controlled as easily and are seemingly bound to start bucking against the system that keeps everyone in line. To be fearless, intelligent, and loyal seems as though it would make for the best type of person around, but with the decided lack of control that such a person would accept that doesn’t make it a good thing for the system they belong to. Divergent’s are a form of chaos according to the system that just can’t be allowed.

2. Black Panther – Pray for Me

Black Panther was a huge step forward for the MCU as it brought the world’s first black superhero to the big screen finally in a way that a lot of people found positively grand. The only problem however is that Marvel had already introduced a black superhero back in the 90s and seemed to have forgotten about it, as had everyone else. Remember a movie called Blade? Yeah, he’s a Marvel superhero too, and yet he wasn’t lauded as much as Black Panther was for some insane reason. You can believe what you want, but it’s a sign of the times it would seem that Black Panther was seen as a needed step in the MCU.

1. The Intern – I

It’s easy in a way to think that retirement will be so grand when you finally reach it. But for a single person it’s not that great really since you have almost nothing to do, no one to do it with, and unless your kids are an active part of your life, you kind of spend the days just waiting to go to bed at the end of the evening. So the main character decided to go out and get a job when he saw a posting for elderly interns, deciding that he still had enough left in him to give his expertise to those that might need it. In the process he came to find a friend, and he even found love again.

Kendrick Lamar is a gifted person when it comes to music, no doubts.

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