The Best Uses of John Legend Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of John Legend Songs in Movies or TV

John Legend seems to be the kind of man that’s had the world on a string and yet has decided to go his own way rather than down the path that people would have seen as conventional and always predictable. That kind of innovation in anyone’s life is the stuff that great people are made of since it inspires others to do the same and therefore expand the base of knowledge that is needed in order to allow people to really grow. His music career took off around the year 2000 and it’s been growing steadily since he’s been one of the more popular artists in the business. John knows how the business works and he knows how to handle himself in terms of managing his career and making sure that he remains on the cutting edge when it comes to his music. If there’s one thing that no one ever has to worry about, it’s that he’ll fade away. He’s here to stay for a while.

Here are a few of his songs as used in TV and movies.

5. The Oscars – Glory

This was an important performance since not only was it for the Oscars, but it was during the time when Selma was making a lot of noise in the theaters and getting people’s attention as they turned their notice to the moment when Martin Luther King Jr. began to stand up for what he believed in. The critics that went on to say that the movie was actually kind of inaccurate gained just about as much attention as the film however since people had to be reminded what was so important about Selma and what Martin Luther King Jr. did besides make a speech that’s still remembered to this day.

4. Fifty Shades Darker – One Woman Man

Some people actually liked the movies but then you hear about people that went on to say that the books were so much better because they had more detail and things were just a tad bit different. Pardon my rudeness, but first off, if the movies were anywhere near the books it sounds as though the movie might have gotten an X rating if not an NC-17 at the least. Second, well duh, of course things are going to be different from the book, as movies don’t always tend to translate the source material word for word or description for description. Many directors often do far more to change up a movie, so it honestly seems like Fifty Shades fans are throwing around some needless shade.

3. Sing – All of Me

This was just a fun movie that was split into several different stories that wound around the main arc until they finally became the same story. Johnny, who is shown above, was one of the more endearing characters since he was constantly trying to prove himself to his criminal father and didn’t want to go along with his dad’s gang. He wanted to sing and to enjoy life, and yet he still clung to his dad for his approval since he did happen to value him. Once he got to singing however everything seemed to just drift away and he was happy for those few fleeting moments. Music can be like that sometimes.

2. Beauty and the Beast – Beauty and the Beast

The power in this fable is that it reminds us what it is to be human and what it means to be anything but. One can be the most beautiful human being in history and still be the ugliest if what’s on the inside doesn’t match the exterior. The prince had to realize this the hard way as he spent years trapped in the form of a beast, forgotten by everyone and kept apart from the rest of the country by an aura that would not allow any to see him. And yet one courageous young woman decided to see behind the rough facade and take note of the man that was suffering because of his own hubris.

1. Django Unchained -Who Did That To You?

Revenge stories can be a lot of fun since they tend to take very winding and dangerous roads to reach their terminus. Django Unchained is the story of a former slave that was given a chance not only to kill his aggressors but to find the woman he loved and free her as well. Unfortunately even when he finds her a conflict arises that nearly undoes everything as he’s forced to fight his way back to her again, this time taking measures to silence his aggressors for good. It’s a bloody, ruthless movie and it’s a Tarantino film so it’s meant to be, but it’s also good entertainment since it is done with some very comical undertones.

John Legend has earned his respect and his praise throughout the years without any doubt.

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