The Best Uses of Jason Derulo Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Jason Derulo Songs in Movies or TV

There could be a reason why Jason Derulo seems to love saying his name as the intro to some of his songs and it could be that he used to write for other artists and simply wanted people to know that those songs were his and his alone. He started out in the music industry basically doing the work of others so that they could claim the credit and the glory, so it’s easy to see that he wanted his fans to know that what he was doing was all him and no one else. However it happens he’s been a talented young man for a good number of years now and has been singing and gaining popularity ever since he finally got to achieve his dream of singing his own songs and getting people interested in what he was doing. Some folks might think it’s conceit that makes him say his own name in some songs but once again it could be something else.

Here are a few of his songs as heard in TV and movies.

5. Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty

Horrible Bosses 2 was the type of movie that probably shouldn’t have been made but the creators obviously thought people wanted to see just what had happened to the trio after the first movie. Be that as it may the second movie wouldn’t have really been any good at all if not for bringing back the original actors and making another go of it. Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine were actually better bad guys than those used in the first film since they have a lot more quiet menace to them than Spacey and Farrell, but bringing Aniston back was something of a treat since, hey, her character is a royal witch but she does add a lot of sex appeal.

4. American Idol – Undefeated

There are some folks that think that the stage on American Idol should have been just for the competitors and no one else, but one thing to say about that is the fact of sharing the stage was never a negative thing. This is largely because seeing someone like Jason Derulo out there, or any other famous musician, could have possibly inspired the budding singers to further greatness since it showed them how people would react if they did manage to become big enough to command such a crowd. You’ve got to figure that the people that made it far enough to be on stage were hoping and praying that they would one day earn a much bigger presence in front of a bigger audience. This kind of inspiration could only help.

3. Goosebumps – Get Ugly

This is a tale in which you can say that the story kind of got away from the author, literally. When the Goosebumps stories actually start coming to life and terrorizing a town at the direction of a singular character that’s known for causing trouble the author and a young boy that’s become enamored of his daughter have to round up the creatures and find a way to put them back in the storybooks where they belong. Of course that’s usually something that’s much easier to say in the movies than to do since once freed the monsters and ghouls don’t tend to want to go back to being just a story.

2. Jason Derulo – Whatcha Say

The Town is essentially about a guy that wants out of a place that he knows is going to get him killed or thrown in prison eventually since his buddies are the types of people that just won’t stop and will eventually drag him down. But when his buddies actually become the problem he knows that he has to take steps to make sure that his life will continue, hopefully outside of a jail cell. When he realizes that he can’t escape his fate however he does whatever he can to make the life of the woman he cares about matter and proceeds to deal with the problems he and his friends have created in the only way he knows how.

1. Pitch Perfect 2 – Trumpets

This time around the Bellas have to work extra hard in order to regain a reputation that was greatly damaged when Fat Amy’s pants ripped, exposing her to the president of the United States and getting them banned from competition. Their road back to the championships is an exceedingly hard one as misfortune is constantly heaped upon them in one form or another and the idea that this will be their last year as a group looms over all of them. But despite the challenges the Bella’s pull together and finally manage to make the championships where they shine once again and regain their place in the spotlight.

He’s an interesting singer to listen to, but Jason Derulo is definitely a guy you have to like in order to enjoy.

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