The Best Uses of Don Henley Songs in Movies or TV

Don Henley kind of reminds one of the kid in Lucas upon reading his bio since he tried to play football but his coach advised him that because of his small build he’d be better off just trying something else. In this case however Henley listened and escaped without any undue head trauma as he joined the school band instead. That was kind of where everything began since from that point on he became an aspiring musician and started to make headway as he worked towards a career. Things went kind of slow at first but picked up speed when his band met up with Kenny Rogers, who took an interest in them. Eventually he would meet Glenn Frey and they would perform as backup to Linda Ronstadt. From that point the Eagles started to come together and gain some real popularity, but eventually in 1980 they would split up, and that was when Don went on his own and started doing his thing.

Here are some of his songs and how they’ve been used in movies and TV.

5. Friends – New York Minute

Friends was a show that a lot of people loved and some kind of just watched when there was nothing else on. It had a lot of different working elements that centered around the comedy aspect of it as there was drama and there was even a bit of soap opera feel to it as well. But it did manage to launch the careers of most of its cast members since all but a few of them really started to do great before and after the show ended. A few of them kind of fizzled out after a while due to one thing or another but obviously a couple of them really went on to do great things since they’re still around to this day and still on top of their game.

4. The Voice – The Boys of Summer

There has to be a lot of tension going into a show like this since you’re basically trying to outdo hundreds of people that are there for the same reason and are trying to do the same to you. Making an attempt to simply focus on the music and nothing else isn’t exactly that easy since in the back of your mind you know what happens if you don’t perform. But some people are able to shut out that and just do what they love to do, perhaps imagining that they’re in their comfort zone where they can let it all out and not worry about any ramifications that might come their way after or even the result of pouring their heart out.

3. American Horror Story: Coven – Leather and Lace

Okay so this wasn’t a solo bit but it wasn’t with the Eagles either so it counts. Coven was one of the most vicious and obviously important chapters of AHS simply because it involved something that conventional wisdom couldn’t offer a firm handhold for, witchcraft. Each and every woman within the school that served as a haven and a place of education was immensely powerful and dangerous to a degree, but together they were absolutely lethal. That’s probably why the latest chapter shows that men, while more aggressive and definitely stronger on the average in this series, are still far outmatched when it comes to sheer power in numbers and talent.

2. Real Genius – All She Wants to Do is Dance

Remember when we were in college and nerds were basically the people that worked all the live long day and rarely ever partied? Yeah, me neither. This movie was a kick since it kind of attempted to break down certain stereotypes while still using them from time to time to show what really separated people from one another in terms of intelligence and talent. It’s hard to believe Val Kilmer was ever this young but in this film he’s one of the few people that is really on top of whatever situation he’s involved in and is the guy that stays on top until the end when the bad guy is taken care of and everything turns out okay.

1. Coyote Ugly – All She Wants to Do is Dance

Admit it, whether you’re a man or a woman you want to go to this bar. There are Coyote Ugly bars in select areas across the nation but the chances of seeing ones like this might or might not be feasible depending on where you go. A lot of what Lil lets go down in her bar would be grounds for shutting her down in some parts of the country and while it’s a lot of fun to watch, there are serious safety hazards and concerns throughout the whole movie. But yes, it is a lot of fun to watch and of course men would be drawn to this place.

Because after all, all she wants to do is dance.

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