The Best Uses of One Republic Songs in Movies or TV

Sometimes the forming of a band is about as simple as it sounds. There are details to be hammered out and people to be discovered and brought into the fold of course but for the most part OneRepublic was the kind of band that was formed without much muss or fuss of other bands and was allowed to get popular as time went. Of course it took them a while to really catch on with people and get the kind of popularity that is spoken of just about anywhere music is played but eventually they did start gaining nominations and winning awards and generally becoming known to a wider fanbase that started supporting them as was desired. At this point the band is pretty stable and has only ever lost two band members that parted ways and it’s obvious that their fanbase is now even bigger and the band is gaining even more interest.

Here are a few of their songs as used in movies and TV.

5. Terminator: Genysis – Love Runs Out

Perhaps if the third Terminator movie hadn’t ripped the whole thing to pieces or the fourth one had been a little more well-though out then people might have fully accepted this movie. Personally I happen to think that the third movie was the only real stinker and that the fourth and fifth were kind of well done. There are always going to be plot holes and inconsistencies in movie that deal with time travel, it’s kind of a red herring that too many people go for right off the bat without seeming to realize that it’s there to trigger them in some way. The story that lies beneath it is what’s the most important.

4. Earth to Echo – Counting Stars

It seems the one thing you can count on in an alien movie is that human beings are without a doubt going to be outmatched when it comes to technology. It’s also easy to count on the fact that sometimes humans are going to be the brutish bad guys that just want to take the aliens’ tech and reverse-engineer it, all in the name of doing something amazing and beneficial for the human race. Yeah, right. In this movie Echo is able to finally revive and gather the parts needed for the ship that’s meant to take him home. There’s no telling if there’s going to be an Echo 2 anytime soon, but it sounds like there might be an idea in the works.

3. Smallville – Apologize

Origin stories are usually pretty fun since they show the heroes and even the villains before they got to be the people they became in the comics. In this version of Superman before he donned the cape and spandex he’s still a regular guy from the Midwest that has some very irregular abilities that he can’t show to a lot of people lest they think him weird and treat him like an outcast. But the series does focus on more than just Clark since there are other characters in Smallville as well and a lot of fans actually want to see how everyone else develops since we already know what happens to Clark Kent.

2. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Secrets

It would be enough of a mind trip to think that Merlin and Morganna were actual people, but to learn that you’re the descendant of such a powerful wizard would be something on an entirely different level. When Dave discovers that he is in fact the Prime Merlinian, what a title, he goes into training with one of Merlin’s old apprentices, Balthazar, and thus begins to develop his fledgling talents as a sorcerer. The only thing is that Dave really needs a confidence boost, and he gets a massive one when he uses science and magic to defeat Morganna for good, proving that he’s an entirely new type of sorcerer.

1. Easy A – Good Life

There’s a lot of danger in lying about sexual encounters these days, but lying to preserve someone else’s feelings and to make others look better is perhaps one of the dumbest things you could ever do. Olive figures this out in a big way after she decides to help several guys out by claiming that she slept with them. It all goes downhill from there however as she willingly embraces the new reputation she’s made for herself, enduring round after round of slut shaming and name-calling that obviously won’t stop just because she wants it to. It’s only when a guy that actually likes her, just for who she is, somehow convinces her that telling the truth and letting it out is better than preserving the false reputations she’s helped create. The truth can hurt, but sometimes it’s better than covering up a lie.

There’s a lot of feeling to OneRepublic songs and it’s absolutely great since their music tends to fit well with just about anything it’s featured in.

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