The Best Uses of Chance the Rapper Songs in TV

The Best Uses of Chance the Rapper Songs in TV

Chancelor Jonathan Bennett, known professionally as Chance the Rapper, is the kind of guy that grew up in a middle-class home and wasn’t the greatest or the worst student. He was exposed to music quite often as it was constantly playing in his house and thus inspired him to lean towards the desire of becoming a musician early on in life. His biggest influences throughout his younger years were Michael Jackson and Kanye West, and he even had a chance to tell Barack Obama that he wanted to be a rapper. In school he wasn’t that much of a success since he got suspended more than a few times and wasn’t the most attentive student. But when he put his mind to his songwriting he started to discover that he had a talent for it that could be honed and refined until he finally started seeing what it could really do for him.

Here are a few of his songs that have appeared in TV.

5. Chance the Rapper – Angels

The claim that those kids that grow up hearing music in their home continually go on to become some of the greatest musicians in the world isn’t exactly valid since some kids are raised with music and have only a passing fancy for it while others turn away from it completely. Then there are those that don’t grow up in a musical household and somehow buck all the odds to become famous musicians or at least people that are highly skilled when it comes to music of their chosen genre. So being raised with music is great since it gives kids a lot of appreciation for various genres and sounds, but it’s not the definitive reason for some of the greats that have come along.

4. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – Blessings

Jimmy Fallon has certainly drawn in some of the most popular musicians in his time as a late night host hasn’t he? The guy is, honestly, a middling comedian when it comes to being funny but he’s managed to really nail down the role of the late night host and his show has been able to pull in some of the best and most talented acts that can be found to this point. The publicity that this gives the show and the musicians is great since it’s always a good thing to benefit one another when you plan on working with someone even if it’s just for a night, and it would appear that Chance has been on the Tonight Show more than once.

3. Ballers – Smoke Break

Ballers is a different kind of show that goes beyond the gridiron and takes a look at the NFL players and their lives as they play out behind the scenes. A lot of people stop watching once the lights go down and the final score is shown but the players’ lives keep on going, as this program shows. Dwayne Johnson has tried making a name for himself on Showtime with this one and while it’s not the most successful he’s ever been it’s something that he had to at least try in order to find out if it was worth the effort. What a lot of people seem to have discovered is that as good as he is, and he is very good, it seems that he’s a lot better in movies.

2. Saturday Night Live – Finish Line

SNL isn’t really the place you go to prove yourself, it’s the place you go when you’ve already proven what you can do and it’s also the place that can make or break you in terms of career and reputation. Think about it this way, the few guest acts that have been invited and never went back after the snafu that they created with their performances are kind of the benchmark that other acts have to follow. The bar isn’t set all that high in terms of failure but no one wants to be the next person added to the list of those that tanked on SNL, especially since it’s such a widely-viewed show.

1. Chance the Rapper – All Night

There are a lot of performers that are great when they’re on the radio and in the studio but kind of flop when they get onstage. Chance obviously isn’t one of those since he seems to put on one great concert and is able to really engage the audience. It would seem that a lot of performers are getting better at this as the years go by while some have always been good and didn’t need to change that much. Chance is one of those that really gets into what he’s doing and doesn’t stop until the final note is out and the song is well and truly done. He’s a performer and a showman and that’s what’s needed to stay popular.

He’s obviously doing it right.

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