The Best Uses of Alan Jackson Songs in Movies or TV

It’s kind of funny to think that Alan Jackson wasn’t even interested in music for a while, but given how easily he took to it there’s a lot of belief that he had the ability deep inside, it just took someone to set the spark to it. He’s been on the scene since the early 80s and has won a slew of awards, making him one of the biggest names in country music and one of the most well-known artists of all time. His career has been on a high note for quite a while no matter if new and upcoming talent has been looking to make their names bigger than his. There are times when you get so big that your name can’t really be taken over by anyone else, and your fame will remain no matter how big anyone else gets. That seems to describe Alan Jackson, since fans will continue to flock to him anytime he strums a guitar and sings.

Here are some of his songs as used in TV and movies.

5. A Million Ways to Die in the West – A Million Ways to Die

You might be wondering what this movie is doing on this list but rest assured it’s because the song itself was pretty amusing considering the fact that it was put into this movie. The idea of having so many different ways to die in the old west isn’t too far off the mark since things were pretty rough back then, but the satire in this movie takes it to a level that would likely make people believe that even passing gas could lead to a life-ending moment, and that death was just around the corner at every moment. Fair enough, it could have been, but expecting to die when you walked out your door is still kind of funny in its paranoid way.

4. Unstoppable – Country Boy

Take into account what a locomotive weighs all on its own and then imagine how much one of them tows on an average run. Then factor in speed and velocity along with what that kind of mass will do once it meets something that won’t yield or the simple force of gravity that will allow it to fall from the tracks if given a push in the right direction. The runaway train in this film was not unlike a moving bomb just waiting for the right trigger to go off, and the outcome would have been horrendous for anyone caught within the resulting crash had two brave men not risked everything in order to stop it.

3. American Idol – Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)

You can give a lot of credit to those that get up on stage and sing their hearts out in an attempt to win a contest, but when they sound like this you can’t help but be spellbound since their voices are so close to the people whose songs they’re singing that one might be accused of lip syncing. Obviously that’s not the case thankfully, but the level of talent on this guy is amazing. It’s a wonder that they don’t get kudos from the people whose songs they’re singing, but that would mean that the artists are made aware of this whenever it happens, which doesn’t always seem sensible or feasible.

2. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York – Holly Jolly Christmas

You know how sequels have a bad reputation of being worse than the original movie? This one kind of disproves that theory as the two criminals that are after Kevin take on even more punishment that they wouldn’t just walk away from. Seriously, look at all that happens to them and you’ll start to thinking that the average human being would have called it quits the moment they even saw this kid again. But the second movie is definitely an improvement on the first and that seemed like it would have been impossible. The movies that came after this however, not so much.

1. Home Improvement-Mercury Blues

It was kind of a nice treat when Alan Jackson showed up on Home Improvement since the show was one of the best running on TV at the time and was able to draw some big names but didn’t always do so. After all it already had a big name star that was well on his way to greatness and it didn’t seem like sharing the spotlight was always the best idea. But bringing in stars like Jackson was still something that appeased the audience and made for an interesting show since it wasn’t something that happened with every episode. It’s always nice to see other talented individuals sharing the spotlight.

It’s still funny to think that he went from not being interested in music to being a country sensation that blew up the charts not long after starting up.

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