The Best Uses of Adam Lambert Songs in Movies or TV

A lot of people probably remember Adam Lambert’s rise from American Idol, but he did manage to get started before this by taking on other jobs and performing on stage with the likes of Val Kilmer. He has a very flamboyant style and in truth he’s the kind of guy that might be seen by some as a little odd but by others as someone that goes his own way and does his own thing on a continual basis. His very flashy nature is something that’s attracted a lot of fans and has continued to make him one of the more notable talents in the music industry, but it does seem as though his career kind of spiked and then leveled out for a while. Obviously he’s still around and still doing what he loves to do, but the days of American Idol are well behind him as he’s had to rely on his continual popularity to really carry him through. So far that hasn’t been much of an issue since people happen to love this guy.

Here are five of his songs as heard in TV and movies.

5. The Ten Commandments: The Musical – Is Anybody Listening?

This seems like it would have been a riveting play to watch since apparently he did this with Val Kilmer as well. One has to wonder if Kilmer has a thing for doing biblical projects since he provided the voice of Moses in The Prince of Egypt as well. But this kind of production would no doubt be a have to someone like Adam who could let his voice loose as the material seems to call for very big, boisterous voices that can be lifted in song and be absolutely impressive. It would seem that he had a good time during this project and was seen to be magnificent in his role. Something indicates that this would have been a good show to go see in person.

4. Strictly Come Dancing – Another Lonely Night

When musicians actually come out to sing during the dancing it’s kind of cool since it seems like an honor to dance while they’re on the mic. The precision and timing that goes into each move on this show is fun to watch since you can usually tell who’s been practicing the hardest and who has the more natural aptitude towards this type of activity. Some people are simply amazing to watch since they glide along the floor and make almost no mistakes, if any. Others are entertaining since they do their absolute best no matter if they flub here and there simply because dancing isn’t quite their forte.

3. 2012 – Time for Miracles

Remember 7 years ago when people were predicting the end of the world because of what the Mayan calendar seemed to tell them? This movie was a result of that in part since it played upon the idea that the world as we knew it, not the world in general, was going to come to an end and those that survived would be few in number and also be those that would have to carry on the human legacy. One thing that very people seemed to care about was that at the end of the movie there was still the problem of being stuck on a cluster of ships in the middle of an ocean that seemingly had no end in sight with a finite amount of resources for more people than they’d originally intended to carry.

2. Late Show with David Letterman – Whatya Want From Me

Adam seems to have a lot more TV credits to his name, but that seems to be due to the fact that he’s kind of a showman and wants people to know about it. In all honesty that seems to be where he’s comfortable and where he performs the best. He’s the kind of guy that doesn’t get stage fright, or if he does he hides it well, and just gets up there and lets everything out so people can experience what he’s thinking, feeling, and what he has to say. Some performers need to warm up to a crowd when they get on stage, but Adam seems to get up there and just do his thing without any real hesitation.

1. GLEE – Marry the Night

GLEE was a fun show for a lot of people since it was a program designed to be fun and engaging and really get the attention of the audience in its own way. It’s also the kind of show that seems like it would be a fun spot for Adam since the flamboyance he enjoys would translate well here and no doubt be highly appreciated. A lot of people still miss this show and there are a number of reasons why.

He’s had quite the career so far and it would seem that he’s still going strong.

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