FX’s Alien TV Series: Will It Miss the Mark or Revive the Franchise?

FX’s Alien TV Series: Will It Miss the Mark or Revive the Franchise?

FX’s Alien TV Series: Will It Miss the Mark or Revive the Franchise?

Is Noah Hawley’s Alien Series Missing the Point?

While Ridley Scott attempted to create an origin story for the Alien saga with Prometheus and Covenant, Noah Hawley’s upcoming Alien TV series seems to be missing the point by going back three decades before Ripley’s involvement and focusing on Weyland/Yutani. While the company’s greed and desire for control are central to the story, going too far back risks diluting the essence of an Alien narrative. Introducing xenomorphs before Ripley’s time could create a retcon that upsets fans and changes the story in a way that many won’t appreciate.

It’s worth noting that other films, such as Predator 2 and the AVP movies, have hinted at the existence of extraterrestrial life on Earth before Ripley’s time. However, using this logic in the Alien TV series could confuse fans about what’s canon and what’s separate, potentially dividing the fanbase and impacting the show’s success.

Weyland/Yutani: A Risky Starting Point?

Starting with Weyland/Yutani is an intriguing choice, as the company’s pursuit of the xenomorphs has driven much of the franchise’s conflict. However, focusing too heavily on the company and setting the majority of the story on Earth could deviate from the core of the Alien narrative and hinder the show’s success. Ridley Scott pointed out that Prometheus made more money than Covenant, possibly because the xenomorphs were absent in the former and prevalent in the latter. This suggests that the iconic creatures may need to evolve or change to maintain their impact.

Will the Xenomorphs Make or Break the Series?

If the xenomorphs appear in the upcoming series, their portrayal could be crucial to the show’s reception. Fans may be critical if the creatures don’t evolve from their previous cinematic appearances. At this point, many are reserving judgment on the show, waiting to see what Hawley has in store. However, the information released so far doesn’t seem to align with the established Alien narrative, raising concerns about the show’s potential success.

Considering the failure of two previous Alien-related TV shows, this new series could be facing an uphill battle. Alien is a story that arguably requires the big-screen treatment to truly captivate its audience and satisfy fans.

Can the Human Element Carry the Show?

Focusing on the human aspect and Weyland/Yutani’s role in the story isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it serves to lay a solid foundation for the series. However, keeping the xenomorphs on Earth seems like a questionable decision, as AVP: Requiem already demonstrated the consequences of such a scenario. Removing the xenomorphs or even references to them from the show for any length of time could be a risky move, as focusing solely on human greed and corporate intrigue may not be what fans want from an Alien series.

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