10 Things You Didn’t Know about CW’s “The 4400”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about CW’s “The 4400”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about CW’s “The 4400”

The CW is all over the news right now with the new “4400,” premier, and everyone is excited about it. The show aired at the end of October with a great premise and a lot of fan build-up. The Cliff’s Notes version is that all of these people were taken over the course of the years from their lives and brought back in 2021 and deposited in modern-day Detroit. They disappear from different times across the decades, and they all show up here together. They don’t have any memory of being taken, of the many years they were missing, and they don’t age a day. It’s a science-fiction mystery that fans are already enamored with, and we have a few things about the show you didn’t already know.

1. The Correct Pronunciation

If you’re not sure you’re saying it correctly, let us assure you that you probably are not saying it correctly. It is pronounced forty-four hundred. Actually, the more we say it out loud, the more we wonder if anyone was actually calling it ‘four thousand four hundred,’ ever.

2. There’s no “The”

Fans are calling it The 4400, but that’s also wrong. There is no “the” at the beginning of the show name. It’s just 4400. No the. Just numbers. It’s simple, sweet, short, and it is to the point.

3. It’s a Reboot

And, here we go. This is a show that’s been rebooted by the CW and remade to fit a more recent bill. It was originally made for the USA Network. It premiered in 2004 and ran until 2007 for a total of 44 episodes (coincidence?). When the original was on the air, however, it was called THE 4400.

4. The Reboot Was Announced in 2018

When we see a show, we have all of two months or so to become excited about it after the first trailer airs, but fans often don’t think about how much work is put into the creation of a new show like this one. They have to come up with the idea, get it picked up, find writers and actors and a crew, and everything in between. This reboot was announced on November 7, 2018, which is almost three years to date from its first air date.

5. Filming Began in June

When this show began to film, it was in June of 2021. They began the start of the second week knowing already that the first episode would air in October 2021. They actually had a lot of time to work with this, and they are proving to have used their time wisely while filming.

6. Actors Were Cast in March

It was announced this show was beginning in 2018. Then the air date was announced. Then the acting began. The first actors and actresses were cast in March of 2021, and the main cast was already in place and ready to go by the end of May. Recurring characters were finalized in October.

7. Filming is in Chicago

If you’re thinking the show takes place in Detroit and must be filmed in Detroit, you’d be mistaken. It’s filmed in Chicago. Many of the cast members who were given a part on the show had to move from their own homes to Chicago to begin filming. It seems like something they are enjoying, too, and many of them are living an exciting time right now.

8. Reviews Aren’t Super

While they’re not bad, either, they’re not good. The reviews are averaging 60-ish percent. Essentially, it seems that fans like the show – at least more than half of them do – but we always think that a new show needs at least three episodes before anyone can judge.

9. Everyone Has Powers

What makes this show so much fun is that the characters don’t have a clue what happened to them. The world has no clue what happened to them. It’s all a mystery, and it’s all something we get to learn together. However, each of the people brought into Detroit in 2021 from whenever they were taken has power. They seem to have been ‘chosen’ for their abilities to do something, and their powers all seem to coincide with something they were good at doing before they were taken.

10. Fans are Excited

Despite the fact that the reviews are currently lukewarm, fans are excited to see what this show has to offer, and there is a huge buzz about it online. The world is watching, and they are all excited to see where this story goes. The truth of the matter, however, is that no one knows where this is going or how these people were given powers, taken, or where they went. It’s a huge mystery.

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