The 1985 Post-Apocalyptic Library Educational Drama Series You Need to Watch

The 1985 Post-Apocalyptic Library Educational Drama Series You Need to Watch

The 1985 Post-Apocalyptic Library Educational Drama Series You Need to Watch

It’s amazing that we still use the Dewey Decimal System despite almost everything going to digital these days, but it’s easy to think that some might want to move away from it as much as possible. How many of us remember pulling card files when trying to find a book? These days it’s a matter of typing in a few keys and finding the designation in order to find a book, and in some cases, people don’t even feel the need to visit the library, as almost everything they need is online and can be accessed with a few keystrokes. But this look back in history via this 80s program is kind of eerie since many might think that it was telling the future in a way since the ‘wipers’ that are trying to control the current status quo and those that are attempting to preserve knowledge can be fit into the current era rather easily. To be certain, both roles could be interchangeable depending on one’s point of view since the many lines of thought that people tend to follow when it comes to the future of humanity and what’s truly important are actually pretty simple to figure out. But when one factors in the idea that people are going to follow their own path or follow after those that they think makes sense, it becomes insanely complicated.

Without trying to get too political, the current feeling is that a lot of people feel that the political party they’re following is in the right while their opponents are backward-thinking and don’t believe the way they do. What’s truly amusing is that if both sides were to sit down and talk through their differences they might actually find that they have more in common than they think. In this program, though the extremes that are taken do tend to make it clear that it’s a ‘do or don’t’ scenario that could affect the future in a big way. The fact that there are so many correlating factors between this program and the current era are enough to shake and rattle a few people, but one thing that a lot of folks don’t want to admit is that the more one focuses upon a perceived idea, the more that they will unknowingly move towards the realization of that goal, no matter how much they might try to prevent it. In a sense, continuing to worry over something incessantly only makes it come true at some point. Some might think that such a thought is ridiculous, that trying to avoid something can’t possibly cause it, but the truth is that instead of telling the future, many programs have been making what they feel are appropriate guesses about the future, and somehow, someway, things have happened to make these events come to pass.

Tomes & Talismans was one of many shows that ended up making their own predictions about the future that was to come by creating a scenario in which things were getting progressively worse because of several different factors that were making the world an unbearable place, which is a popular narrative that gets many people to watch since it involves a great deal of drama that a lot of folks tend to enjoy. But from a story standpoint that’s a positive since it does manage to entertain and hopefully educate people on the dangers of not working together as a species to fix a world that many think we’re actively destroying. Entertainment is, after all, one of the many ways that people tend to get through to each other concerning one issue or another, and the messages that are sent can be heard loud and clear or they can be muddled and somehow misinterpreted due to one point of view or another. But the one thing that is easy to understand is that the future is unclear if the knowledge and wisdom (yeah, some would laugh at this) of the human race was ever lost. At this time it’s not so much the tragedy of having to start civilization over, it’s the fact that there would too much of a chance that the entire mess that’s been created would start again due to the absence of any useful reference points that people could use to avoid the same mistakes.

Entertainment can be a little too real at times and it can take a lot of digs at those that some people believe are responsible, but in this instance, it doesn’t really feel like a dig is being taken at anyone, in particular, it’s simply showing that humanity, as diverse as we are and will likely remain in our views, is bound to cause the downfall that so many are dreading in one way or another. The preservation of knowledge isn’t meant to simply build up any civilization that comes after us, it’s to prevent any possible mistakes that have already been made.

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