The 1983 HBO Movie Intro Will Now Be in Your Head for Eternity

This is short plea to the executives at HBO network to bring back one of the best Saturday night movie introductions in history.  The year was 1983.  Your cable box had 20 or so buttons.  Yes buttons because it was a box, not a remote.  And if you were one of the lucky people in your neighborhood who had cable there was little chance you’d be going out on a Saturday night.  Why?  Because HBO would be airing a movie that you saw in the theaters only about a year ago and you couldn’t possibly fathom the opportunity of getting to watch it at home without a VCR.

And for those who didn’t have cable and actually got to see this in a friend’s house (like me)?  It was like the world was performing a magic trick  It was like “wait a second, you mean to tell me I get to watch Goonies on your television without commercials or use of a VCR?”  It almost didn’t compute in one’s brain.

I’ll never forget the first time I heard this incredible song and I’ll never forget it singing to me, “you’re about to experience some home entertainment that you’ve never experienced before.”  So join me in bringing back this iconic movie night intro that we all used to know and love.

P.S. you’ll be humming this tune all weekend now.

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