Teen Wolf: Who is the Kanima? Lydia? Jackson? Or Both?

Teen Wolf KanimaWe are less than two days from discovering the identity of the kanima, the latest creature that is terrorizing the denizens of Beacon Hills on Teen Wolf, and we here at TVOvermind have two suspects who we think could be the newest beast of Beacon Hills. Those suspects? Lydia and Jackson.

Lydia seems like the most logical answer due to all the evidence piled up against her, but this is Teen Wolf and nothing is ever really clear cut on the show, as fellow TVO writer Shilo Adams will explain in a minute. My guess is that Lydia could simply be a red herring in this particular mystery, and that Kanima is actually Jackson. Why Jackson, you ask? There is plenty of evidence dating back to season one that I will expound later on how Jackson could be the beast, but first let Shilo explain his reasoning of how Lydia could be the kanima… and how it could be a bit “blah” if she is.

The Case Against Lydia (by Shilo Adams)

Through the first four episodes of Teen Wolf this season, it’s felt like the powers that be have gone into overdrive trying to convince the audience that the kanima is Lydia. To the point where, if it’s revealed that Lydia is indeed the creature, it’ll feel a little anticlimactic. Teen Wolf may be many things, both good and bad, but anticlimactic isn’t one of them, so while it’ll be nice to have pegged something early on, the thrill in this teen-thriller will have went out the door sometime around episode two.

The evidence against her is pretty damning, though. You have the random disappearances for days, with Lydia not knowing where she’s been or, more importantly, what she’s done. There’s the broken mirror in the previous episode, something that could have come about from the kanima’s confusion over its reflection. Combine those with the random kid that pointed out his weakness for narcissistic girls to Lydia and the fact that the kanima didn’t attack Stiles and it looks like Lydia is the prime suspect.

Lydia is something; there’s no doubt about it. Everything that’s been happening to and around her wouldn’t be if she hadn’t changed following the events of the season finale. But what could she be? Even though I wouldn’t be too shocked if she was something similar to the kanima, I have a feeling that Lydia might be something that we haven’t been introduced to yet, another supernatural creature that inhabits the darkness of Beacon Hills. Her symptoms (the hallucinations, the lack of cognition over her whereabouts/actions) rule out the possibility of her being a werewolf and with the only other creature introduced being the kanima, I have a feeling that the world of Teen Wolf might not be finished expanding.

The Case Against Jackson

Since day one on Teen Wolf, Jackson has been basically a metrosexual Cro-magnon with a God complex the size of the entire universe. So why shouldn’t he add murderous Kanima monster to his list of accomplishments?

There are several clues pointing to Jackson being the Kanima and not the werewolf he wishes to become. Like I said, some of those clues date back to the first season after Derek made that claw mark on Derek’s neck. After receiving the claw mark, Jackson started hallucinating something crazy, and looked seriously ill at one point. Plus, the claw mark prevented the Alpha from ripping Jackson to shreds at the video store, as if the werewolf knew not to mess with him. Later when the Alpha attacked the teens at the school, Jackson had a severe reaction when the Alpha howled for Scott to change. Also, what about all of those visions of the Hale house being on fire?

Fast forward to this season after Derek gives Jackson ‘the gift,’ the evidence against Jackson being anything but a werewolf continues to mount. The rejection of Derek’s bite, the black gooey orfices, Jackson not remembering if he changed or not during the full moon. So when you look at Jackson’s history on the show, the man should have a big ass arrow pointed to his head when it comes to being a suspect in this Kanima mystery. But

When you take Jackson’s and Lydia’s symptoms and compare them, what do you get? Keep reading.

Teen Wolf - Jackson & LydiaCould Lydia and Jackson BOTH be Kanimas?!

Like I said, Lydia and Jackson share the same symptoms after being attacked by a werewolf. Both have not changed into werewolves like they should have; have had crazy hallucinations; have had unexplained disappearances, which neither have any clue about themselves: and both of them are connected to Stiles in some form. Plus, the two dated and who knows if Jackson passed something off to Lydia that gave her the same effects when she was attacked by Peter?

Think about it. This would be a seriously awesome twist. I mean insanely awesome to the point that MTV and Jeff Davis could have decided to premiere the Teen Wolf Revelations after-show right afterwards just to explain it all.

Who do you guys think the Kanima is? Tune in to Teen Wolf tomorrow night and check back here to see if our theories, and yours, were correct!

Additional reporting by Shilo Adams

Photo credit: MTV

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