Team Flash Mourning?? Season Finale Promo and Speculation

If you thought the story choices on Supergirl were bold (Kal vs Kara), check out the Flash Season Finale Promo (below) for even bolder story choices.  In the promo we see a Barry Allen/Flash who looks like he’s holding a limp, lifeless Iris West.  (I say looks because Barry has proven that even with Flashpoint, he’ll still tinker with time. Plus there’s a whole multi-verse out there, but I get ahead of myself).  We see Detective Joe West and Barry with expressions of clear mourning.  We also see Savitar racing around looking triumphant.  But we’ve got a whole episode left.  I’m not convinced Iris is going to stay dead.

Whether it’s Barry Allen with Iris or Wally West with Linda, in the source material the Flash’s love interest always is his beacon.  And we saw in ‘I Know Who You Are‘ that the reason Savitar is a villain is that he has no Iris to hold him.  So, is trapping him in the Speed Force really the solution, anyway?  I’ll get to that below.

Speculation on ways Iris won’t be dead by early next season:

  1. That really was a dead Iris, just not the Iris from Earth One.  Maybe Cisco and Gipsy searched the parallel Earths to find an Iris who had a terminal illness and was going to die anyway.  They brought that Iris to be the one Savitar kills. Thus, Iris from Earth One is still alive.
  2. Savitar was dreaming.  We know that ARGUS saved the Dominators’ power source from the Invasion crossover, they could have saved one of the Matrix VR Pods, too.  Maybe everything we saw in the promo will be shown to be Savitar in the VR Pod dreaming.
  3. Legends of Tomorrow swoop in with a live Iris.  In the Season Finales of Flash and Arrow a couple of years back, each lead hero had a small cameo in the other’s season finale.  So, it’s not completely outlandish to speculate that Ray Palmer, Prof. Stein and White Canary would fly the WaveRider in with a live Iris at the last second.
  4. Cisco and Gipsy find the Iris from a world where her Barry died defeating Zoom a year ago. They bring this Iris to be with Barry’s time remnant.  Now instead of a lost Iris and a lost Barry/Savitar, we have another happy couple to go back to a parallel Earth.  Barry’s time remnant doesn’t have to go through the depression/ crushing defeat of losing Iris, so he never becomes Savitar. And the back half of Season 3 is just a timeloop, so Iris doesn’t actually die.
  5. That wasn’t actually Iris and she isn’t actually dead.  Cisco and Gipsy could take the Legends of Tomorrow with their spaceship to Earth-38/Supergirl’s Earth and get Miss Martian/M’gann Mo’orzz from Mars.  Miss Martian could shapeshift into Iris’s form and play dead.

Plus Candice Patton’s IMDb page doesn’t show any upcoming projects. So, the actor who plays Iris (Ms. Patton) doesn’t have another gig lined up for next season.  Therefore we must have Iris back among the living.  But that’s cheating.

So, here’s what I think is the best way to end the Savitar storyline. Savitar doesn’t need to be trapped in the Speed Force without friends or the love of his life.  Savitar needs Iris and he needs to be a hero. So, Cisco and Gipsy find an Iris from a parallel Earth where her Barry and all the other heroes died defeating Zoom a year ago.  But this Iris got speed powers instead of Wally and became the lone superhero on her Earth.  Cisco and Gipsy bring speedster Iris to Earth One to meet Barry’s time remnant.  Now Barry’s time remnant has not only an Iris, but also a whole parallel world with only one other superhero, thus he gets his Iris and he gets to be a hero.


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