Taylor Sheridan Had a Very Unglamorous Job Before He Made Yellowstone

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Taylor Sheridan is synonymous with success. He’s the man behind just about every successful and amazing television show you’re watching right now, and no one can argue with that. The creator of Yellowstone – the hit series starring Kevin Costner – is so good. The casting. The plot. The premise. It is just so good. However, he’s also behind a smattering of other equally successful shows, including the prelude to Yellowstone called 1883 and another called 1923. He also created the Mayor of Kingstown and Tulsa King. He is a man on top of his game, and he is making no apologies. However, what we are learning is that Taylor Sheridan is a man of many mysteries. Did you know, for example, that Taylor Sheridan was Jennifer Lawrence’s acting coach?

Taylor Sheridan Was Once an Acting Coach

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is also an actor. In fact, he often takes on small roles in his own shows. This includes Yellowstone. However, he wasn’t always a massive success. In fact, there was a time when he was a struggling actor who worked as an acting coach to help make a little money on the side. When you’re not a working actor, you still have to pay the bills. Sheridan did just that. He had some famous students, too, including none other than the famous Jennifer Lawrence. What is more amazing about this story is that Jennifer Lawrence didn’t know that Taylor Sheridan was her acting coach.

Credit: @yellowstone

Jennifer Lawrence Learned Taylor Sheridan Was Her Acting Coach from a Deadline Employee

A man by the name of Mike Fleming Jr. was at a panel discussing a few things with Jennifer Lawrence when he mentioned that he couldn’t believe Taylor Sheridan was once her acting coach. She was confused, and then it hit her. “I remember going to see someone and him telling my mom, ‘Here’s your money back. Just don’t put her in any acting lessons whatever you do. Was that Taylor Sheridan?” she asked the panelist. He confirmed that it was Taylor Sheridan, and Jennifer Lawrence immediately said she had to tell her mother. It was a long time ago, and so many things have happened since then. She’s a new mom, so there are many good reasons that she would not remember this.

How Did Isabel May Play Into This?

If it were not for 1883 star Isabel May, Jennifer Lawrence might not know that Taylor Sheridan was once her acting coach. How is this possible? Isabel May came in to read a role in the show Mayor of Kingstown, and Sheridan knew she was not right for that role. However, he was so inspired by her that he wrote 1883 about the actress and her ability to tell the early version of the story of Yellowstone.

He said at the time that Isabel May reminded him of another famous actress. That famous actress is the very talented Jennifer Lawrence. It was a crazy moment for both of them, and it happened so long ago. He was teaching acting. He’d been an actor, but things were not going well for him. He’d left a role in the hit show Sons of Anarchy because they could not agree on money, and he was out of work – which is not a good place to be. He did not know it at the time, but he ended up going back to writing. It’s where he belongs.

Why is Taylor Sheridan So Successful?

He’s the man who has the best shows on television. Yellowstone alone has become an obsession with the world. It is a success for so many reasons. Sheridan, for one, came up with a phenomenal concept. The writing is genius. The casting is even more genius than the writing if you can believe it. There is nothing about this show that is not worthwhile.

Credit: @yellowstone

However, it’s Sheridan’s ability to tell a story to an audience that works. He knows the intelligence of his audience is paramount, and he knows how to write to talk to them, to show them the story, and to involve them. He dumbs nothing down, and he makes things a success. Furthermore, he likes to break the rules. He’s not interested in doing things one way or another. He’s interested in doing things that work, and that often means playing by a completely different set of rules. He once said, “I look at each movie as, ‘How am I breaking the rules this time?’ and it’s become the key to success for him.

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